'Famine' by Rowan Gillespie. Image by Dr. Emily Mark-FitzGerald.

'Famine' by Rowan Gillespie. Image by Dr. Emily Mark-FitzGerald.

UCD School of Art History & Cultural Policy

UCD School of Art History & Cultural Policy - Research Publications 2012/13

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Art History & Cultural Policy in the academic year 2012/13

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Book Chapters

Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty
Kathleen James-Chakraborty (2012) 'From Chicago to Berlin and Back Again' In: Mary Jane Jacob and Jacquelyn Bass (eds). Chicago Makes Modern: How Creative Minds Changed Society. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. , pp.91-109  
Dr Roisin Kennedy
Riann Coulter and Roisin Kennedy (2013) ''It is only by learning to fully understand the past that we can most easily come to realise the significance of the present': Thomas MacGreevy, Art and Art Historian' In: Schreibman, S (eds). The Life and Work of Thomas MacGreevy. A Critical Reappraisal. London, New York: Bloomsbury Press. , pp.51-64  
Kennedy, R. (2013) 'Wrong-headed or In control: Cubism, a Feminist Aesthetic' In: Sean Kissane (eds). Analyzing Cubism. Dublin: IMMA. , pp.76-84  
Dr Conor Lucey
Conor Lucey; (2012) 'Building dialectics: negotiating urban scenography in late Georgian Dublin' In: F. O'Kane-Crimmins and G. O'Brien (eds). Portraits of the city: Dublin and the wider world. Dublin: Four Courts Press.  
Dr Emily Mark Fitzgerald
Emily Mark-FitzGerald (2012) 'The Irish Famine and Commemorative Culture' In: Lindsay Janssen, Vincent Comerford and Christian Noack (eds). Holodomor and Gorta Mór Histories, Memories and Representations of Famine in Ukraine and Ireland. London: Anthem Press.  

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Mr Pat Cooke
Pat Cooke (2013) 'The Artist and the State in Ireland: Artist autonomy and the arm's length principle in a time of crisis'. Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 37 (1&2):99-119.  
Pat Cooke (2013) 'Stabilising Cultural Policy: A review of the departmental and non-departmental structures for cultural administration in Ireland'. Administration, 61 (1):31-51.  
Pat Cooke (2012) 'The National Museum of Ireland: An Ideological History'. The Australasian Journal of Irish Studies, 12 :70-85.  
Dr Philip Cottrell
Philip Cottrell (2012) 'Art Treasures of the United Kingdom and the United States: The George Scharf Papers'. Art Bulletin, XCIV (4):618-640.  
Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty
Rachel Lee and Kathleen James-Chakraborty (2012) 'Marg Magazine: A Tryst with Architectural Modernity: Modern Architecture as seen from an independent India'. ABE Journal: European Architecture beyond Europe, 1.  
Dr Lynda S Mulvin
Lynda Mulvin, Conor Lucey & Karina O'Neill (2012) 'Afterword - 'An Irish Artist at the Bullfight in 1789' by Michael McCarthy'. Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies Journal of T, XV :118-127.  
Dr Paula Murphy
Paula Murphy (2013) 'Book Review: Ireland on Show'. Artefact, 2012 (6):61-63.  
Paula Murphy (2012) 'Book Review: The Sculptures of FE McWilliam'. Irish Arts Review, winter (Dec 2012-Feb 2013):151-152.  

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Other Journals

Dr Paula Murphy
Paula Murphy (2013) 'Book Review: Genteel Mavericks, Professional Women Sculptors in Victorian Britain' The Latchkey Journal of New Woman Studies, 5 (Summer 2013).Available Online  

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Other Publications

Dr Lynda S Mulvin
Lynda Mulvin (2013) Preface in 'Letters from Abroad: The Grand Tour Correspondance of Richard Pococke & Jeremiah Milles'. Kilkenny.  

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