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UCD School of Economics - Research Publications 2013/14

Below is the list of research publications for the UCD School of Economics in the academic year 2013/14.

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Book Chapters

Professor David Madden
Madden, David (2014) 'The Socioeconomic Determinants of Mental Stress' In: Cullinan, J, Lyons, S, Nolan, B (eds). The Economics of Disability: Insights from Irish Research. UK: Manchester University Press.  
Madden, David (2014) 'Dominance and the Measurement of Inequality' In: Culyer, Anthony J (eds). Encyclopedia of Health Economics. London: Elsevier.  
Dr Sarah A Parlane
Sarah Parlane and Fabrice Rousseau (2014) 'Aftermarket Trading and the Strategic Allocation of Shares in an Initial Public Offering' In: Cheng-few Lee (eds). Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. USA: Elsevier.  
Professor Aisling Reynolds-Feighan
Aisling Reynolds-Feighan (2013) 'The Global Air Transport Industry: A Comparative Analysis of Network Structures in Major Continental Regions' In: Frank Giarratani, Philip McCann & Geoffrey J.D. Hewings (eds). Handbook of Economic Geography and Industry Studies. Herndon, VA, USA: Edward Elgar. , pp.430-458 Available Online  

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Peer Reviewed Journals

Professor Ronald Davies
Ronald B. Davies and Helen T. Naughton (2014) 'International Cooperation in Environmental Policy: A Spatial Approach'. International Tax and Public Finance .  
Christian Bauer, Ronald B. Davies, and Andreas Haufler (2014) 'Economic Integration and the Optimal Corporate Tax Structure with Heterogeneous Firms'. Journal of Public Economics .  
Ronald B. Davies and Matthew T. Cole (2014) 'Royale with Cheese: The Effect of Globalization on the Variety of Goods'. Review of Development Economics .  
Dr Kevin J M Denny
Denny, K, Doyle O., McMullin P, O'Sullivan V (2014) 'Money, Mentoring and Making Friends: The Impact of a University Access Program on Student Performance'. Economics of Education Review, 40 :167-182.  
Kevin Denny (2014) 'The effect of abolishing university tuition costs: evidence from ireland'. Labour Economics, 26 :26-33.  
Professor Paul Devereux
Devereux, Paul J. (2014) 'Intergenerational Return to Human Capital'. IZA World of Labor .  
Dr Orla Doyle
Booth, A. Palamaro Munsell, E., Doyle, O. (2014) 'Maternal Engagement in a Home Visiting Intervention: What Lies beneath Psychological Resources?'. Journal of Community Psychology, 42 (1):29-46.  
Denny, K, Doyle O., McMullin P, O¿Sullivan V (2014) 'Money, Mentoring and Making Friends: The Impact of a University Access Program on Student Performance'. Economics of Education Review, 40 :167-182.  
Horan, M., McGowan, S., Doyle, O, McAuliffe, F. (2014) 'Well-being in Pregnancy: An examination of the effect of socioeconomic, dietary and lifestyle factors including impact of a low glycaemic index dietary intervention'. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 68 (1):19-24.  
Dr Stefanie Haller
Haller, Stefanie A. (2014) 'Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Foreign Presence and Import Competition in Irish Services Sectors?'. The World Economy, 37 (2):219-243. Available Online  
Stefanie A. Haller, Jože Damijan, Ville Kaitila, ?rt Kostevc, Mika Maliranta, Emmanuel Milet, Daniel Mirza, Matija Rojec (2014) 'Trading firms in the services sectors - Comparable evidence from four EU countries'. Review of World Economics, 150 (3):471-505.  
Fitzgerald, Doireann and Stefanie Haller (2014) 'Pricing-to-market: evidence from plant-level prices'. Review of Economic Studies, 81 (2):761-786.  
Dr Christopher Jepsen
Elder, T.; Jepsen, C. (2014) 'Are Catholic Primary Schools More Effective Than Public Primary Schools?'. Journal of Urban Economics, 80 (1):28-38.  
Jepsen, Christopher; Troske, Kenneth; Coomes, Paul (2014) 'The Labor-Market Returns to Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates'. JOURNAL OF LABOR ECONOMICS, 32 (1):95-121.  
Blomquist, G; Coomes, C; Jepsen, C; Koford, B; Troske, K (2014) 'Estimating the social value of higher education: willingness to pay for community and technical colleges'. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 5 (1):3-42.  
Dr Kanika Kapur
Hanly P, Céilleachair AO, Skally M, O'Leary E, Kapur K, Fitzpatrick P, Staines A, Sharp L (2013) 'How much does it cost to care for survivors of colorectal cancer? Caregiver's time, travel and out-of-pocket costs'. Supportive Care in Cancer, 21 (9):2583-2592.  
Professor Morgan Kelly
Neil Cummins, Morgan Kelly and Cormac O Grada (2014) 'Living Standards and Plague in London, 1560--1665'. Economic History Review .  
Morgan Kelly and Cormac O Grada (2014) 'Change points and temporal dependence in reconstructions of annual temperature: Did Europe experience a Little Ice Age?'. Annals of Applied Statistics, 8 (3):1372-1394.  
Morgan Kelly, Joel Mokyr, and Cormac O Grada (2014) 'Precocious Albion: a New Interpretation of the British Industrial Revolution'. Annual Review of Economics, 6 .  
Morgan Kelly, Cormac Ó Gráda (2014) 'Debating the Little Ice Age'. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 45 (1).  
Morgan Kelly, Cormac Ó Gráda (2014) 'The Waning of the Little Ice Age: Climate Change in Early Modern Europe'. Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 44 (3):301-325.  
Morgan Kelly and Cormac O Grada (2013) 'Numerare est errare:Agricultural Output and Food Supply in England Before and During the Industrial Revolution'. Journal of Economic History, 73 (4):1132-1163.  
Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda (2013) 'Living standards and mortality since the middle ages'. Economic History Review .  
Professor David Madden
Madden, David (2014) 'Health and Wealth on the Roller-Coaster: Ireland, 2003-2011'. Social Indicators Research .  
Madden D (2013) 'THE POVERTY EFFECTS OF A 'FAT-TAX' IN IRELAND'. Health Economics .  
Briggs AD, Mytton OT, Madden D, O Shea D, Rayner M, Scarborough P (2013) 'The potential impact on obesity of a 10% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in Ireland, an effect assessment modelling study'. Public Health, 13 (1).  
Dr Ivan Pastine
Pastine, I; Pastine, T; Redmond, P (2014) 'Incumbent-Quality Advantage and Counterfactual Electoral Stagnation in the U.S. Senate'. Politics .  
Professor Karl Whelan
Lawless, M. and Whelan, K. (2014) 'Where do firms export, how much and why?'. World Economy, 37 (8):1027-1050.  
Karl Whelan (2014) 'Ireland's Economic Crisis: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly'. Journal of Macroeconomics, 39 (Part B):424-440.  
Whelan, K. (2014) 'TARGET2 and central bank balance sheets'. Economic Policy, 29 (77):79-137.  
Whelan, K. (2013) 'Sovereign default and the euro'. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 29 (3):478-501. Available Online  
Professor Cormac Ó Gráda
Morgan Kelly and Cormac O Grada (2013) 'Numerare est errare:Agricultural Output and Food Supply in England Before and During the Industrial Revolution'. Journal of Economic History, 73 (4):1132-1163.  

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Published Reports

Dr Orla Doyle
Doyle, O & PFL Evaluation Team (2013) Assessing the Impact of Preparing for Life at Twenty-four Months. Preparing for Life Programme, Dublin.  

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Other Publications

Professor David Madden
Hudson, Eibhlin; Madden, David; Mosca, Irene (2014) A formal investigation of inequalities in health behaviours after age 50 on the island of Ireland. Working Paper.  
Dr Sarah A Parlane
Sarah Parlane and Ying-Yi Tsai (2013) Optimal Contract Orders and Relationship-Specific Investments in Vertical Organizations. Working Paper.  

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