Build your R&D Programme

As a company that already has an R&D competence, you understand the competitive edge this can give you.  Commercial R&D must, however, minimise risk and focus on product and process development that can show immediate payback.  UCD can help at all stages:

  • Immediately: Explore our portfolio of technologies that are ready to license now.
  • Near-term:  We can provide access to core technologies and platforms that will allow you to test, prototype and process.  We can supplement your in-house team with interns, postdocs and PI-level input at all the right points in the process.
  • Explorative: Working with UCD on explorative research projects allows you to potentially take giant steps forward with little risk.  Work with UCD to access research teams within the university, leverage existing research and discoveries, and navigate funding streams both nationally and internationally.   


Funding programmes such as Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Vouchers and Innovation Partnerships can facilitate both near-term and explorative research.

Schemes such as Intertrade Ireland’s Fusion Programme and the Irish Research Council’s Enterprise Partner and Employment-based Postgraduate schemes will allow you to augment your research team.