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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

PI/Mentor Development


Leading and Managing

Offering and providing a vision with which people can engage, as well as managing your resources to make that vision real requires a range of skills and experience.  Whether leading a School or Unit or managing a small team of people, you can contact HR Learning & Development to discuss what options are available to support you in your development as a leader and manager.  

Academic Development

As a research intensive university, the formation of creative and innovative graduates is fundamental to our mission. When it comes to Academic Development, our focus is on supporting our academics in ensuring that what they teach, and how they are teaching it, remains state-of-the-art and commensurate with the needs of the wider community.

Postdoc Mentoring

In October 2015 the VP for Research, Innovation & Impact launched an online Career Development portal for all PDI/II contracts.  This system acknowledges the fact that while it is ultimately the responsibility of the Postdoc to manage their career development, excellent mentorship deserves to be identified within the University and through funding applications to which you and the University are applying.  For further information on the Postdoc Career Development opportunities please refer to the Research Careers website.  For details on how to access the Online Career Development portal for postdocs in your research group and how to record development meetings you may have with them please see the following instructions.

Career Development Plan and Guidelines