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Career Profile

Name: Bryan Wilson

What research discipline did you complete your postdoc in? Microbiology

Number of years as a postdoc in UCD? Three years

When did you complete your postdoc in UCD? February 2005.

Did you have any postdoc experience outside of UCD? If so, where and for how long?
This was my first postdoc after my PhD. After UCD, I had a six month postdoc in Lyon and then was awarded a three year Queensland Government Smart State Fellowship in Australia.

What are you doing now?
I’m just back from Australia and am busy writing the next research proposal!

What impact has your doctorate and postdoc had on what you are doing now?
Studying marine microbiology at UCD led me (almost) directly to the seagoing research that I am doing and enjoying now.

What was the route between your postdoc and what you are doing now?
After finishing at UCD, I took the advice of my PI and began writing research proposals. Two years of rejections later – with the six month postdoctoral position in France to pay the bills - and I then found out on my last day in Lyon that I had been awarded the prestigious Smart State Fellowship to study coral diseases in the Great Barrier Reef and South Pacific.

Since you completed your time as a post-doctoral researcher in UCD how have you drawn on your experience from this time?
I enjoyed the time at UCD – the wider science community there was fairly fabulous and taught me that interdisciplinary collaboration was the key to scientific success.

When you reflect on your time as a post-doctoral researcher in UCD, what stands out in terms of its contribution to your subsequent career development?
Access to world class facilities – like the Conway Institute. It certainly raised the bar for my future expectations of a research facility. It really was a case of imagination being the limit – that and being lucky enough to have two PIs who were very trusting supervisors.

During your time as a post-doctoral researcher in UCD what skills would you say you learnt or developed? Independence.

What advice would you give to post-doctoral researchers considering a similar career path to your own? Network or perish.

If you could offer one piece of advice to current post-doctoral researchers what would it be?
If you are passionate about the research that you’d like to be doing, take every opportunity to pursue it, no matter how unconventional the route.

 Bryan Wilson