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Career Profile

Name: Gemma Cannon

What research discipline did you complete your postdoc in?
Molecular Biology - cancer and virology diagnostics.

Number of years as a postdoc in UCD? Five years as a clinical scientist at the NVRL and less than a year as a postdoc at the NVRL/Chemistry.

When did you complete your postdoc in UCD? September 2011.

Did you have any postdoc experience outside of UCD? If so, where and for how long?

What are you doing now?
I am a Senior R&D Scientist in industry in the molecular diagnostic field. 

What impact has your doctorate and postdoc had on what you are doing now?
It was relevant as it was very commercially orientated toward the development of molecular diagnostics. 

What was the route between your postdoc and what you are doing now?
As a clinical scientist I am essentially doing the same work in an industrial environment.

Since you completed your time as a post-doctoral researcher in UCD how have you drawn on your experience from this time?

As above.

When you reflect on your time as a post-doctoral researcher in UCD, what stands out in terms of its contribution to your subsequent career development?
As I didn't do the traditional academic postdoc I can't comment.  Working at the NVRL got me the position where I am today.  

What advice would you give to post-doctoral researchers considering a similar career path to your own?
Commercially orientated projects are more valuable than purely academic projects, more so in today's environment unless you plan to stay in academia forever.

If you could offer one piece of advice to current post-doctoral researchers what would it be?
As above.