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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

Building Research Leaders - One Day Programme

UCD Research Skills & Career Development are running a one day programme for postdocs and early career researchers on 1 February 2013.  This programme will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and acquire the skills, knowledge and attributes that tend to be associated with research leaders. Among these are things like high level interpersonal skills, leadership skills, delegation, thinking strategically, self-management and the ability to promote yourself.

What kind of research leader do you want to be?

  • Looking back: where have you come from
  • The here and now: where are you at right now
  • Looking forward: how do you want it to be?
  • Being strategic – the hard way and the slightly less hard way
  • A plan – your plan – your SWOT
  • The gaps you need to plug

 Working with others and teams

  • If you’re going to be a research leader other people are going to be involved.
  • How do you work with them?
  • How do you build a team?

 Putting yourself out there – (Shameless self-promotion)

  • This is your career – you need to get out there and push it along.
  • Promotions, grants, awards
  • Taking responsibility – not waiting for it to happen
  • How do you promote yourself without feeling bad about it?

 Action Planning

  • Identify your next steps
  • When, where, how?

Follow-Up Email Coaching (12 weeks)

After completing the programme, participants will receive a weekly email following up on some of their ideas and supporting them to take action on their goals.

Who should attend?

This program is directly relevant to post-docs and Early Career Researchers who are looking at taking the next steps in their careers.  As there are only 15 places available on this programme it is advised to book early.

How to Book?

Should you be interested in attending this programme please email  Please note that as this programme runs during the day it is important that you agree your attendance on this programme with your PI/mentor/supervisor prior to attending.