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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

Need help with Statistics?

Have you ever wanted help in setting up your study/experiment?

  • What sample size do you need – power calculations
  • Preparing a protocol for a grant application or ethical approval
  • What the best design might be
  • How to write a statistical analysis plan
  • Designing a questionnaire

Have you ever needed advice on statistical analysis?

  • How to interpret a ‘p-value’ or confidence interval
  • How to interpret a particular statistical technique
  • What tests to use to analyse your data
  • How to prepare your data for a statistical analysis
  • Which computer package might be best to use
  • How to understand the output from a statistical package

Have you ever thought you would like advice in promulgating your research?

  • Assistance in writing up your statistical results
  • An expert to check out an analysis you have performed
  • Someone to preview the statistical aspects of a paper before you submit it
  • Someone to help you answer a reviewer’s request for a particular type of analysis

How to arrange a consultation?

If you are a postdoc (PDI/II) and are interested in arranging a consultation please email  for details.