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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

How Mentoring and Coaching Can Work for You?

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach and how can you get access to or become either here in UCD?  This lunchtime seminar is open to all post-doctoral researchers in UCD.

The session will be particularly useful to you if you are already thinking about putting some mentoring in place for yourself or your research area (as a mentor or mentee), or have started to do this and feel like you need some structure around the process.

The session also aims to kick-start some new thinking around mentoring, taking it out of the dusty back-room and into group settings, peer networks and online as well across disciplines and industries.

 Event Objectives

-       Outline the basic differences between mentoring and coaching

-       Introduce UCD’s internal coaching service

-       Introduce upcoming Mentoring training

Event Content

Interactive powerpoint, discussion.

How to Book?

Should you be interested in attending please email by Monday 17 February.