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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

Innovation in Research - Lunchtime Seminar - 22 March 2011



If you are currently in a post-doctoral position in UCD and are thinking about your career path, come along to this lunchtime seminar.  We will discuss the answers to some of these questions:



  • Why is innovation relevant to a career in research in academia and industry?
  • What can you learn in UCD about Innovation and commercialisation that will be valuable in your career?
  • What happens if you have an invention and you think it has a commercial application?
  • Have other Researchers been involved in commercialisation of research and how did it go?





If you are interested in attending this seminar and would like some more information, please call Caroline Gill @ NovaUCD on 716 3715 or email  If you would like to reserve a place please email