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Forbairt Ghairme & Taighde Scileanna UCD

Grant Writing - A short guide to survival and success - 19 April





  • Radically increase your success rate in obtaining grants







  1. What makes a proposal successful? – a general analysis of the margin that separates success from failure in grant proposals
  2. How can I improve my grant writing?  - practical tips and guidance
  3. Which grants should I apply for?  - a general survey with more details on EU grants
  4. Why did this grant fail and this one succeed? - practical examples
  5. So what should I do now? – a surgery for individual needs


Professor Walter Kolch




Delivery Method



Interactive lecture with case examples and short working groups (for point 4 – practical examples; you will review a short grant and discuss why it failed or succeeded)







2 hours delivery; 1 hour surgery

How to Book?

Should you be interested in attending this workshop please seek approval from your PI/mentor before contacting

Please note, places are limited so it is advised to book early.