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An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

Amendments & Extensions

Permission to amend or extend an approved or exempted study is at the discretion of the Chair of the relevant committee. Depending on the nature of the request some amendments may require a full review by Committee.

Researchers are required to request, in writing, permission to make any alterations or significant changes to their approved study. This is applicable to both approved and exempted submissions for both the HREC and the AREC. Researchers must notify the Chair of the relevant committee of the decision to amend the study and provide justification as to why the amendment is required.

How to Request an Amendment or Extension

To request an amendment or extension please complete HR4-HREC Amend-Extend Request Form and submit it along with the cover letter and any supporting documents to

For more details please see the Requests to Amend & Extend Policy.

For information on AREC requests to amend & extend please click here.