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AREC Update

The Animal Research Ethics Committee introduced a number of changes intended to improve its operations and assist researchers with more efficiency. These changes include the introduction of the AREC Intranet as well as some modifications to the Approvals System.

New Research Ethics website & AREC Intranet

The Office of Research Ethics has launched their new website and AREC Intranet . The introduction of intranet means that you will be required to enter your UCD Connect username and password in order to access information on AREC, download appropriate forms etc. Please note that, for security reasons, access to the AREC Intranet is limited to UCD staff only.


Using up-to-date forms

Over the past few months the AREC has also amended its forms in order to improve the quality of submissions for ethical review and streamline the review / approval process.  We are constantly looking at ways to improve the forms and, therefore, some additional changes may apply from time to time. Therefore, it is strongly advisable that all submissions are made on forms downloaded directly from the AREC Intranet. Please note that the AREC will no longer review protocols / amendment – extension requests submitted on old forms.


Modifications to the AREC Approval System:

As some of you may already be aware, there have been some changes to the AREC Approval System which include:

  • ·         End of Study Report – Please note that researchers will be required to submit an End of Study Report before or at the expiry date of their approved protocol. This requirement will apply to all protocols ethically reviewed from January 2012 onwards. The End of Study Report Form is available from intranet:


  • ·         Adverse Events Report – Please note that researchers are required to report any adverse events which may occur during the course of experiments specified in their approved protocols as well as all animal welfare issues. Details of the reporting procedure and the form are available from intranet:


  • ·         Requirement for signatures on documents – Please note that before approval can be granted, researchers must submit a signed hard copy of the appropriate form. Only after the form with all signatures  is received by the Office of Research Ethics can an Approval Letter be issued to the researchers. This requirement applies to all new protocols as well as amendment & time extension requests. When requesting addition of a new researcher only, it is permittable to submit the signed hard copy after the Approval Letter has been received.