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Application Supporting Documentation

Submissions are reviewed on the basis of a full and complete application that provides all information pertaining to the proposed study. This includes a complete HREC Application Form and a set of supporting documents. The supporting documents are usually made up of any or all of the following:

  • Information Sheet provided on UCD headed paper and formatted according to the headings provided in Question 10 in the current HREC Application Form;
  • Consent Form provided on UCD headed paper and separate from the Information Sheet (The HSE National Policy on Consent provides a useful guide on issues relating to consent in Ireland - see our useful links page)
  • Assent Form (for children), if applicable, provided on UCD headed paper and separate from the Information Sheet. Please note that the current Irish Law defines a child to be a person under 18 years of age)
  • Child Protection Statement, if research involves children;
  • Letter of Endorsement from your supervisor or/head of school. Letter must be either signed PDF or this can be provided by your supervisor as an email if preferred;
  • Questionnaires and proof from the copyright holder that you have permission to use and/or adapt, and/or are trained in their use if necessary;
  • Interview Schedules and/or protocols for focus groups - the committee need to see the topics and if possible the questions to be asked;
  • Any other document that the participant might be given, which may include a debrief document;
  • Any specific information that supports the study (see paragraph below);
  • Local Research Ethics Committee Approval - any ethical approvals from external organisations such as hospitals, schools, prisons, nursing homes, etc.;
  • Advertising Posters or texts that will be used to advertise your study in any publication and/or broadcast;
  • Insurance Indemnity - on receipt of your submission the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity will liaise with UCD insurers to confirm public liability insurance cover for your project. This cover will be confirmed in the final ethical approval letter.

Please use the HR2-HREC Support Documents Template 2019 (pdf) which is a MANDATORY requirement for all applications for full ethical review via Infohub/SISweb.  The template is intended to show researchers that all supporting documents should be uploaded in Infohub as one file.  Applications submitted without this document will be returned to applicants.

The ideal application for full ethical review provides 2 files:

1) The relevant HREC Application Form

2) The Supporting Documents (as per the template provided above)

Specific Information that supports the study, if applicable:

In some situations researchers may encounter participants who may feel or become stressed or distressed during their interview/questionnaire/focus group.  You, the researcher, have a duty of care to put in place a mechanism that will deal with this type of situation.  In some cases providing a listing of specific external support groups is sufficient.  In others, arranging to have qualified personnel available to deal with the stressed or distressed participants will be necessary. There are many support organisations and charities available and you should be aware of those relevant to your research, and make them known to the participants.  

A useful listing of support groups can be seen on Student Advisers website.

Applicants should note the following:

  • The HREC Committees (LS & HS) do not accept research proposals;
  • The information contained in the supporting documentation must be reflected in the application form, the form must independently represent your research.  Failure to do so may result in a delay in your review and/or decision as you may be requested to complete the application form again;
  • All submissions for a full ethical review are made via Infohub in the first instance – you must receive a Research Ethics Reference Number (RERN) before your submission will be reviewed;
  • Please contact the Office of Research Ethics if you require any advice or assistance with any of the above.

Support Doc pdf 

Process of Seeking Informed Consent with examples