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External Researchers

Information for External Researchers

External researchers (who are not registered students or members of staff in UCD) who wish to carry out research in UCD (including campus-wide surveys) that involves the recruitment of human participants are required to obtain ethical approval or exemption from the Office of Research Ethics. The nature of the study will determine whether ethical approval or exemption is required but note that permission(s) from the relevant head(s) of school(s) within UCD may also be required.  They may also require permission from the University Student Survey Board (USSB) for campus-wide surveys.


The following steps provide an overview of the external exemption process:

Step one:  Before submitting a form to the Office of Research Ethics please contact us to discuss your study:

Step two: Once you have established whether you are submitting for full ethical approval or exemption from full ethical review please complete the relevant form and note the following:

  • The exemption form (HREC Doc 8) is submitted by email to , there are no deadline dates but your submission will be reviewed by one of the HREC Chairs and they will determine whether a further review is required or not;
  • The application form (HREC Doc 9) for a full ethical review is subject to a deadline date which you can check on this website and submit by email to
  • Your covering email should include your name and contact details - preferably your email address at your own organisation;
  • If applicable, you should provide the name and contact details of your supervisor or co-investigators;
  • Provide written permission(s) from the head(s) of the relevant school(s) to accompany your submission;
  • Provide relevant support documents which may include some or all of the following: Information sheet, consent form, questionnaire, advertising/recruitment poster, and any other material associated with your proposed study.

Step three:  Upon receipt of your form you will be issued with a unique reference number and you should not this as it will be used on all correspondence associated with the study submitted for review.

Step four: Your submission will be reviewed by one of HREC Chairs and further clarifications may be sought from you.  These will be communicated by the staff in the Office of Research Ethics.  Once you have satisfied the


Please direct any queries to the Office of Research Ethics: