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All research conducted by UCD staff and students and involving human participants requires insurance cover.

As part of their submission for ethical review, applicants are required to complete Insurance section in the relevant application forms: section 5 of the HREC Application for Full Review (HREC Doc 9); or section 2(k) of the HREC Exemption form (HREC Doc 8).

The staff of the UCD Office of Research Ethics will liaise with the insurers to seek confirmation of insurance cover for all projects submitted for ethical review or exemptions, and will inform applicants of any additional requirements, if applicable.

Insurance FAQ’s

(Note: applicable to research involving human participants or personal data only)

1. Is there insurance cover in place for my research project?

Each application will be reviewed upon submission by the university’s insurance broker to ensure the proposed research project does not contravene any of the terms and conditions of UCD’s Public Liability insurance policy.

2. What is covered by the public liability insurance? 

Public liability insurance provides insurance cover in the event that bodily injury or property damage is caused to a third party arising from the research. Researchers are indemnified against any claims made against them by third parties for such losses.

3. What is the procedure for confirming insurance cover?

The researchers submitting to either of the two Human Research Ethics Committees are required to complete Section 5 of the HREC Doc 9 (Full Review) or Section 2K of HREC Doc 8 (Exemption), which is the Insurance Checklist. Researchers then submit their completed application to the Office of Research Ethics, who will confirm the relevant insurance cover on your behalf.

4. Does the public liability insurance include travel and personal accident insurance?

No, if travel insurance is required, the researcher needs to contact the Safety, Insurance, Risk and Compliance (SIRC) Office to confirm whether travel insurance is in place. There a number of guidance documents relating to travel safety and travel insurance available on the UCD SIRC Office website

5. Do UCD provide Medical Malpractice or Clinical Indemnity insurance?

No, researchers requiring Medical Malpractice or Clinical Indemnity insurance would be required to source insurance cover themselves or determine whether they are covered by the Clinical Indemnity Scheme. Further advice can be sought from the UCD Office of Research Ethics or UCD SIRC Office

For all other insurance queries, please visit UCD SIRC webpage or contact UCD SIRC (Safety, Insurance, Risk, and Compliance) Office at