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UCD Office of Research Ethics

An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

Policies & Guidelines

Policies & Guidelines of UCD  Research Ethics Committee:

Code of Good Practice in Research

Research Ethics Policy

REC Operating Procedures  

Policy on the Use of Animals for Research & TeachingExpenses & Incentives PolicyData Storage & Retention

REC Appeals Procedure Policy 

Appealing a Decision Guideline  

Guidelines specifically relating to Human Research:

HREC Summary Guidelines 

Process of Seeking Informed Consent with examples  - currently under revision

Harm Risk Deception Privacy and Confidentiality

Vulnerable Groups

Process of seeking Ethics Approval for Research -  currently under revision

Expenses & Incentives PolicyExpenses & Incentives PolicyExpenses & Incentives Policy

Requests to Amend & Extend Policy 

Research with Student Population

Research with Students Who Are Minor   

Disclosures of Confidential Information

REC Access to UCD Students Policy‌ 

Home Visit/Face-to-Face Interviews Safety Guidelines (UCD SIRC Office document)

Coding System

Research Data Management (UCD IT Services)

Data Storage & Retention   - currently under revision

HREC Guideline - Personal Data Definitions & Examples - NEW!

HREC Guideline - Representing Gender Diversity in Human Research - NEW!

HREC Guideline - Use of Online Platforms - NEW!

Fake News - Evaluating Information Guide (UCD Library guide)


Guidelines specifically relating to Animal Research:

Please visit AREC Intranet

For further information on any of the above please email: