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An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

REC Reports & Publications

Annual Reports

The Research Ethics Committee provide a report on the work carried out by it and the sub-committees.   These reports are submitted to the UCD Governaing Authority and also the Academic Council for noting.

REC Annual Report 2003-2004 

REC Annual Report 2005-2007

REC Annual Report 2007-2009   

REC Annual Report 2009-2011

REC Summary Report 2011-2012  (including a 10-year review)

REC Annual Report 2013

REC Summary Report 2014 - 2015

REC Annual Report 2016

REC Annual Summary Report 2017

Commissioned Reports:

The REC Working Group for Regenerative Medicine were commissed to provide a report in 2006.  In light of recent developments in this area the Report was reviewed and revised in 2011. The Report was submitted to the Governing Authority in October 2011 and later to the Academic Council.

REC Regenerative Medicine Report Revised 2011  


If you have any queries or would like to provide a comment on any of the above reports please send an email to: