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UCD Office of Research Ethics

An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

Research Ethics Advisory Consultation

The Ethics Advisory Consultation is available to all UCD staff and Students. We can provide advice on matter concenring research ethics in the following way:

  • Telephone or email;
  • one-to-one consultation sessions;
  • our staff or committee members (if available) can also act as advisor to a committee or a working group linked to a particular UCD project, both research and training-related.

The purpose of the advice we provide is:

  • provide advice on general queries regarding research ethics in UCD;
  • provide advice on  ethical matters in research grant applications;
  • provide advice for students and staff who are submitting an application form for ethical review or exemption from a full review to the HREC;
  • direct students/staff to the relevant documents and guidelines available on the research ethics website;
  • improve the quality of the submissions to the HREC which will in turn lead to a shorter/faster approval time;
  • will encourage students to discuss the research design of their proposed research with their supervisors.

What advice can you get:

Students/staff can request advice from the Office of Research Ethics to:

  • discuss their research project;
  • discuss ethical requirements of grant applications;
  • obtain clear instructions on how to fill out an application form correctly;
  • be advised as to what supporting documents will be required to submit with an application;
  • be encouraged to use the recommended HREC formats for supporting documents;
  • Insurance advice;
  • be advised if they request permission to access UCD students and the process involved in seeking permission from the Human Research Ethics Committees
  • general advice and information about research ethics and related matters.

How to request our advice:

Please contact the Office Research Ethics by email or by phone to seek advice. We may be able to answer your queries by email pr phone, or arrange a meeting if necessary.

Some general advisory points:

  • For general assistance with queries concerning the submission and process of your application form please email:;
  • Students should discuss their proposed project with their supervisors before attending a session - having a clear research design will be beneficial;
  • UCD Staff/students may benefit from attending a one-to-one session but are in no way obliged to do so;
  • There is currently no advisory consultation for researchers submitting to the Animal Research Ethics Committee (AREC). We can however, arrange for a member of the AREC to speak with you. Please email your query to:;
  • Applicants should note that the advice they receive from our office does not influence the committee reviews or the committee decisions or guarantee that a submission for review will receive ethical approval. Also it does not provide academic advice, or discuss the research design of a project.