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Allocation Policy 2018-19

Overview and Allocation of Spaces 2018-19

UCD Residences has 3,168 bed spaces available to students. 

While all University students are eligible to book accommodation, currently there are not enough spaces for all students to live on campus.

Therefore, to ensure broad availability the spaces have been allocated across a number of different groups.

This means that, as there is a limited number of spaces, people need to apply in a timely fashion when the waitlist etc. open:


Summary of Student Residence Allocations 2018-19





New Entrants 

Junior Year (CAO)

1,041 Spaces

New Entrants 

International Cohorts

1,397 Spaces

Existing Students 

Continuing & Final Year Students

400 Spaces


UCD Residences Scholarship Schemes, Access Rooms and Residential Assistants 

330 Spaces



3,168 Spaces

* These allocations are correct as of the publish date of Spring 2018, however may be subject to change for operational reasons throughout the year.


Room Booking Policy

The Booking system is fully online and students can search available rooms and complete their contract in one process.

UCD Residence scholarship schemes are run by UCD Residences for a number of categories.  These include Sports, Ad Astra, and Bord na Gaeilge.  If you have applied to any of the residence scholarship schemes or under the access routes successfully you will be marked on the student information system (SIS) accordingly and offered the relevant accommodation options subject to availability.

Apartments are generally of mixed gender, although there are a small number of rooms reserved as single gender for religious reasons (these rooms are reserved for specific programmes booked through the International office).

Offers will be notified by email to students through their new UCD email account and it is their responsibility to check their email daily, including the spam and junk mail folder.

If at the time of booking rooms are unavailable, students may opt to register on the electronic waiting list which will also offer on a "first come first serve" basis as rooms become available.


Further Relevant Information

It is important that students make themselves fully aware of the terms and conditions of room bookings.  As part of the booking process you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and will be provided with a link to them.  However, all of the relevant information is available on our website and we advise that you take the opportunity to review them in advance.

Some of the relevant policies include: