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CAO First Year Students






UCD prioritises CAO students as a cohort that benefit most from the opportunity to live on campus, to form friendships and avail of the many on campus facilities. For the 2017-18 academic year there are 1,035 beds allocated to first year CAO students, all of which are on the Belfield campus. For more information visit our Allocation Policy page.


How to Apply for Campus Accommodation


Step 1- 10th May 2017                        Place your name on the waiting list

The waiting list will open on 10th May 2017 and a link will be available on this page.

To put your name on the waitlist you use your CAO number and your CAO password. 


Please note that in order to put your name on the waiting list you must have selected a course in UCD on your CAO form. 


Step 2- 11th July 2017                     Waiting list is ranked by random selection

All names added to the waitlist before 11th July 2017 are ranked by computer-generated random selection.  This list ranks applications for allocation of accommodation purposes. We will send you an email confirming your rank on the list once this process is complete.

You can still apply for accommodation after 11th July 2017 and your name will be placed on the waitlist at the end of the ranking in the order you applied.



Step 3- 21st August 2017               CAO offers are published.

Accept your CAO offer on the first day 21st August 2017.

If you accept your CAO offer on the first day before 17.00 you will have the greatest choice of accommodation based on your ranking on the waitlist. 

CAO notifies UCD of your acceptance


Step 4- 23rd August 2017               Accommodation booking begins

Based on CAO acceptances, we make our offers of accommodation by email according to the ranked waiting list.

From 23rd August 2017 accommodation offers will begin based on you having accepted your CAO offer and your place on the waitlist. It may take 2-3 days to receive your offer so please check your email, including spam and junk mail folders, regularly from this date.

At this time you will have a window of 24 hours to choose your room and pay your deposit. 




  • How to Join CAO Waitlist 2017
  • Once you receive the email offering you an opportunity to book a room you should do so as soon as possible to avail of the widest selection of accommodation. 
  • Visit our Booking Process page here. We also have helpful videos and guides on how to book a room detailing each step of the procedure.
  • Please be advised that UCD Residences accommodation is open for booking to all eligible UCD students, mixed genders and ages. As you choose your room please be mindful that you can see who has already booked into the apartment you are considering. It is important to note that where a resident is under 18 they will in all likelihood be sharing an apartment with students over 18 years of age.
  • Further information regarding room booking can be found on our FAQ page.
  • For information on the accommodation available in our residences please click here for information on locations and here for virtual tours


Off Campus Accommodation

The UCD Accommodation Pad, run by the UCD Residences Booking & Support Office, shows listings of houses, flats, apartments, lodgings and general self- catering accommodation.

For assistance with sourcing off campus accommodation please visit www.ucdaccommodationpad.ie.