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International Students (Non–EU)


International students wishing to book on campus accommodation should contact internationalaccommodation@ucd.ie for information on eligibility and booking procedures.


First year undergraduate Non-EU international students are guaranteed a room in UCD Residences.


As there is a limited supply of rooms available and a large demand for them, we cannot guarantee that all students, from other cohorts, will be offered a place on campus. It is important that all students apply and complete the online process in a timely fashion once the relevant booking opens, in order to have the best chance of securing on campus accommodation.




Accommodation bookings for single semester students for Semester II 2017/18


15 January 2018 to 21 May 2018




Booking for on campus accommodation will open on Tuesday, November 21 2017, for single semester students. As there is a limited supply of rooms available and a large demand for them, we cannot guarantee that all students will be offered a place on-campus. Single semester students, who are eligible to apply for on campus accommodation, will receive detailed information in advance on the booking process.






Early Application Process for Graduate Students




UCD has introduced an Early Accommodation Payment which allows Graduate students to secure a room on campus. Graduate students, with an accept/conditional accept who have paid their course deposit, will be able to apply for a place on campus by paying an “early accommodation apply” fee. All eligible Graduate students will be emailed information on this process by UCD International. Please note that there is a limited number of rooms available – places will be offered on a first come first served basis. To avail of this option to secure a room on campus, students can make a €500 early accommodation payment to UCD Residences via the link in the email sent to Graduate students regarding this process.




Other student cohorts will receive updates on the 2018/19 accommodation application process in advance of bookings opening. 






Booking dates for 2018-19 to be confirmed




International (Non-EU) Study Abroad and Exchange Students


International Study Abroad and exchange students will be contacted by members of UCD Study Abroad and Exchange staff with details of accommodation application procedures.


Residence dates for single semester students for 2018-2019


Semester I: 30 August 2018- 22 December 2018


Semester II:  14 January 2019- 20 May 2019






International Graduate Students (Non-EU)


International graduates who have applied to courses at UCD will have received information from UCD International on booking accommodation. If you have any queries, please contact UCD International or check the International page for information on booking accommodation.




Depending on your specific programme, there are 38 and 50 week housing packages available for graduate students on both the Belfield and Blackrock campuses. Where possible specific apartments and rooms have been designated to house them together, however, there will be circumstances where a small number of rooms are occupied by other cohorts. For more information visit our Allocation Policy page.




Existing/Continuing International Students (Non–EU) (Full-Degree: Bachelors)


Please see the Existing Students page for information.




How to book a room


Bookings can be made through SIS Web by following the “Campus Facilities” tab.


 Log into your SISweb Portal using your UCD ID (Student number) and your password which is the same as your online application password.






  • Incoming students are able to choose available accommodation in a wide range of locations opening up a better range of price and facilities. (open the following link for further information: http://www.ucd.ie/residences/our-residences/)
  • The room booking system allows you to choose which room you want and will provide basic information on the profile of students already booked into an apartment (e.g. Undergraduate, Graduate, male or female)
  • UCD Residences accommodation is open for booking to all eligible UCD students, mixed genders and ages. It is important to note that where a resident is under 18, they will in all likelihood be sharing an apartment with students over 18 years of age.
  • International students must have completed their UCD application and have accepted or conditionally accepted their programme offer before they will be eligible to apply for campus accommodation.
  • Once you receive the email offering you an opportunity to book a room you should do so as soon as possible to avail of the widest selection of accommodation.
  • If you do not book within 48 hours of receiving the email your offer will expire.
  • Visit our Booking Process page here. We also have helpful videos and guides on how to book a room detailing each step of the procedure.
  • Fees for each residence can be viewed on the following link: Finance
  • UCD Residences Allocation Policy
  • Booking Period:
    • Single semester dates 2017-18 Semester II 15/01/2018-21/05/2018
    • Single semester dates 2018-19 Semester I 30/08/2018-22/12/2018
    • Single semester dates 2018-19 Semester II 14/01/2019-20/05/2019
  • Please visit our virtual tours to view the different types of accommodation.
  • Please contact the UCD International office for further information.




Off Campus Accommodation


The UCD Accommodation Pad, run by the UCD Residences Booking & Support Office, shows listings of houses, flats, apartments, lodgings and general self- catering accommodation.


For assistance with sourcing off campus accommodation please visit www.ucdaccommodationpad.ie.