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Information for Parents

Information for Parents and Guardians

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Why UCD residences?

  • Proximity to class
  • 24 hour reception and support from security personnel and residential assistants, as well as campus services.
  • Great facilities and services including wifi, on site laundry, restaurants, shops, gym, sports centre & swimming pool
  • No travel costs to and from college
  • Res life programme and community of peers
  • Suitable licence period for student. Off campus housing is often for 12 month lease whilst the licence period for UCD Residences is for the academic term.
  • Local access to student support services, counselling, student advisors, health care, chaplaincy, student union representation and more.


How to Book?

Depending on whether your child is an incoming CAO student or an international student there are different dates and procedures which are relevant to booking a room with UCD Residences.

For incoming CAO students click here.

For international students click here.

For residential scholarship schemes click here.

Fees for all residences click here.

UCD Residences accommodation is open for booking to all UCD students, mixed genders and ages. It is important to note that students under 18 and over 18 will in all likelihood be sharing an apartment.


What if…..


My daughter/son does not get accommodation with UCD Residences?

UCD Residences operate the UCD Accommodation Pad which offers a variety of off campus housing options for UCD students. For more information visit our Accommodation Booking Support office here.


My daughter/son is not eligible for accommodation?

A recent review of the UCD Residences allocation policy by the UCD Student Experience Group found that some cohorts of students are better equipped to find off-campus accommodation. Therefore, in light of limited capacity on campus priority has been given to new entrants; incoming CAO students, access programmes and international (Non-EU) students. 

Once the UCD Residences occupancy period begins some accommodation on campus becomes available as a result of cancellations. These rooms will be available in the SIS Web booking system for all student cohorts to book on a first come first serve basis. 


My daughter/son wishes to cancel their accommodation?

If you wish to cancel your accommodation with UCD Residences you must complete a cancellation form on the day you move out of your room. We cannot accept cancellation forms in advance. By cancelling accommodation you automatically forfeit your deposit and may be liable to the full licence period residential fees. For more information on our cancellation policy click here.


I need to contact UCD Residences

Contact us


My daughter/son is subject to discipline procedures

Discipline in the residences is dealt with in accordance with our UCD Guide to Managing Breaches of Residential Rules 15-16.

Please note that discipline proceedings are confidential and strictly between the licencee and residential services staff.

Residents who received a reprimand, warning or fine may appeal the decision.


My daughter/son has moved out when will the deposit be refunded

Once the check out and resulting paperwork has been completed the Residences Services Team will notify the financial administrator of any deductions to be taken from residents deposit. The financial administrator will then process the deposit refund if applicable and an email will be sent to the resident’s UCD email informing them that the refund is due and requesting that they input their bank details. We aim to have all refunds processed within 4 weeks of the end of the licence to reside. Please see the Deposit Refunds policy.



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