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Catered Accommodation


UCD Residences are delighted to offer catered accommodation in our Roebuck Castle and Muckross Catered Accommodation.


Muckross Catering

Muckross Catered accommodation comprises breakfast and evening meal, Monday to Friday, with brunch on Saturday and a lunch on Sunday. Meals are served in the residence which has its own dining facility.

For information on catering in Muckross please check the Muckross page


Roebuck Castle Catering

Roebuck Castle Catered accommodation comprises lunch and evening meal, Monday to Friday, with brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Meals are served in the Eat AT UCD Cafe on the Ground floor of Roebuck Castle residence. Lunch entitlement on weekdays can also be claimed in other Eat at UCD Cafes including PULSE Cafe and Earls Deli across the Belfield campus.

The residents of Roebuck Castle must participate in the meal plan which is designed to give the maximum flexibility to campus living and student lifestyle yet ensuring ample opportunity to enjoy meals with friends and other residents.



When you pay rent in catered accommodation, you are paying for your accommodation and a set number of meals in advance and you will get 12 meals per week for the term period. Most meals are served cafeteria style, which means that mealtimes last between one and half to two hours, and you can go at any point during that period and pick your meal from the counter.


Roebuck Meal Times

Monday to Friday

Brunch/Lunch: 11am to 3pm*

Dinner: 5pm to 7pm*


Saturday and Sunday

Brunch: 11am to 3pm*

*Times correct when published but are subject to change.



Catered Accommodation allows residents to pay a set price for a fixed number of meals. Including catering in your accommodation fees is cost efficient compared with campus outlets.  It allows residents to dine together and is generally ideal for undergraduate students who are living away from home for the first time or international students arriving to an unfamiliar country. The resident is guaranteed a minimum number of nutritious meals without the fuss of cash and cooking.


Menu choice

There are usually two or three options to choose from including a wide variety of healthy and nutritious food, including soups, salad bar items, main meals, puddings and snacks.

There’s at least one vegetarian option at each meal and when beef or pork are on the menu an alternative is always made available.

During Ramadan we can provide food for you to eat after sunset.

If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. diabetes) or a food allergy, we will try to help. If you are very specific about the kind of food you like to eat, you may be better suited to self-catering accommodation.


Formal meals

Our catered residences have a number of “formal” meals each year.

At these meals, you have to wear formal clothes – for men a suit, or jacket and trousers, with a shirt and tie and for women a dress, skirt or smart trousers and blouse. Or you can wear smart national or religious dress if this is more appropriate for you.

There’s no extra cost for formal dinners and you don’t have to attend if you don’t want to, but they’re usually fun events!