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Housing Services - Maintenance

The 'Accommodation Maintenance Services' team is dedicated to providing residents with an environment free from worries about malfunctioning plumbing or electrics, mechanical safety and structural defects.

When a problem arises we will respond to it and correct it as soon as possible.

If you have a maintenance issue in your apartment you should log a maintenance request on SIS Web


Complete a maintenance request form online via your SISWeb and submit it, within 24hours our dedicated maintenance team aim to have the issue resolved.

How to a log Maintenance Request

For emergency and out of office calls contact your residence on of the following numbers:

  • Belfield Residences (Ashfield, Belgrove, Glenomena, Merville and Roebuck)00 353 1 716-1008
  • Blackrock Residences (Halls and Proby) 00 353 1 716-8807
  • Maintenance does not provide services for television calls or computer support.
  • Wifi is maintained by UCD IT therefore, if there is an issue residences maintenance will check the router is functioning and has power- if this does not resolve the issue the IT help desk should be contacted ithelpdesk@ucd.ie 
  • When calling (AMS) be prepared with the following information:
    • Student Number
    • Campus name
    • Building location
    • Suite or apartment number
    • Room number
    • Mobile number
    • Last name
    • Description of fault

Priority Requests

Anything in your living space that you feel is:

  • Hazardous to you or others
  • Could cause damage to personal belongings or the living unit.

In these cases you should report it immediately and it will be handled as soon as it is called in.

How you can help

We would also like you to call in any alarms, smell of smoke or natural gas and flooding as soon as you notice them. These will be handled as they are called in.

The response to all other repair requests should be logged at your convenience and will be handled at our earliest opportunity.


We shall not enter your apartment without prior notice unless requested to do so or where there is an issue urgently requiring attention. Please note that by logging a maintenance request we deem this to be permission to enter your room.

We aim to give advance notice via email of all other planned maintenance visits.