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Self Service Laundrettes

As the apartments are not fitted with washing machines or dryers laundry facilities are provided through self service laundrettes. There are five laundrettes which service all of the residences. Most of the Laundrettes (Ashfield, Belgrove, Blackrock, Glenomena and Roebuck) are operated using the college UCARD system. The Roebuck laundrette is licensed out to an operator, currently Circuit Laundrette who provide and service the equipment and collect the revenues. UCD provides and cleans the building and is also responsible for the provision of the utilities.

Ashfield 16 18 1,133
Belgrove 8 8 779
Roebuck Hall & Castle 11 11 433
Glenomena  18 18 1,350
Blackrock  4 4 256

In the event of a problem with one of the machines in the laundry either the resident using the machine or the Residential Services Team Member /RA on duty should

a) For UCD operated machines log a maintenance request 


b) Log a call with Circuit Laundrette 0044-1422-820360 (number posted in laundry) using the free phone in the laundry for those Circuit are responsible for. Each location has a site number which is posted in the laundry and this should be quoted in order to identify the location.

Circuit Laundries will then send an engineer to deal with the problem. A technician from Circuit Laundries checks the machines and empties the money collected on a fortnightly basis.

c) UCD is responsible for the building and as such any problems with the power supply etc is dealt with by the residences maintenance team.

Opening Hours: All Laundry facilities are open for use between 08.00 and 00.00.

Laundry washing facilities cost €3 and dryer facilities cost €1.50 per load.

Please do not overload the machines as it will impact the quality of your drying.