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Rules and Regulations

UCD Residences rules and regulations are designed to contribute towards an enjoyable, safe, harmonious and peaceful living experience.  Whilst the main set of rules and regulations are contained in the Residents Licence to Reside, additional rules can be found in each locations operations manual, in the welcome pack issued to each resident, and in our guide to Managing Breaches of the Rules.

The UCD Residence Administration is charged with the orderly and harmonious running of the Residences premises and complex.  From time to time additional rules and regulations may be considered necessary by UCD Residences and shall be deemed to be a firm part of the Licence by posting a typed copy of same on a notice board at the reception office within the complex and such posting, or posting on the UCD Residences website, shall be deemed to constitute due and proper notice of same.

In addition to the UCD Residence Rules and Regulations, residents are expected to abide by and be bound by all policies published by the University relating to student conduct, health, safety, welfare or other occupational issues.

It should be noted that being a resident of UCD Residences offers no special protection against the law of the land. The University has been, and is, prepared to use the normal procedures of the law in the event of offences of a criminal or civil nature.

UCD Residences have a number of policies and procedures which are central to our operations. For futher information please visit our Policies and Procedures Repository.

Some key policies are also included here.


Managing Breaches of the Rules and Regulations Breaches of the rules and regulations are managed by the administration of UCD Residences. Breaches may result in one or more of the following:

Verbal warning from Residential Services - Category 1 Breach

Formal meeting with a member of the Estate Services Team - Category 2 Breach

Formal Refferal to the Registrar - Category 3 Breach

There are a range of remedies that may be taken in the case of a breach.  These include, amongst others, reprimands, fines, termination of licence, and referral under University Student Code. For further information please see our Guide to Managing Rule Breaches included above.

Appeals Procedures

Where a fine has been imposed or a licence has been revoked the resident has a right to an appeals process. There is a choice of the following appeals processes.  


  1. Any Sanction made by the Management of UCD Residences (Category 1) may be appealed in writing to UCD Estates Services within 7 days of the Sanction. The decision of UCD Estates Services shall be final.



You may appeal as follows if You are unhappy with a Sanction imposed upon You:

  1. Any Sanction made in the first instance by UCD Estates Services (Category 2) may be appealed in writing to the Registrar within 7 days of the Sanction. The decision of the Registrar shall be final. In the event an appeal to a fine is upheld the imposed fine will be refunded.
  2. Any Sanction arising under the UCD Student Code (Category 3) may be appealed in accordance with the Student Code.
  3. When making an appeal You shall be required to pay a fee of €20 which will be refunded in the event the appeal is successful.
  4. If you are unhappy with the process you can use the UCD Student Complaints Policy