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UCD Rifle Club
Students Consultative Forum,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4



About Us

About Us - History

UCD Rifle Club was formed in 1989.

Through the hard work and determination of its President, Dave Cooney, and the clubs first captain, Callaghan Cotter, and the first committee. The range was originally in the back of the sports centre, but November 1991 saw the club moving to its present location, in the boiler house's basment. A lot of work has been done to bring the range to its present condition, especially in recent years with great strives to ensure ISSF standards.

The Club has continued to grow, averaging around 300 members a year, which makes it one of the largest indoor clubs in UCD.

About Us - What We Do

The club's major priority to faciliate those egilible for membership of UCDRC in the sport of target shooting and all its facets.

Activities in the fast growing sport include these main categories -

At our range:

Air-rifle: The club's main priority.
Air-pistol; A recent addition to our spectrum of shooting.

Off campus:

Shotgun: Clay shooting.
Small Bore Rifle: .22LR
Small Bore / Centre Fire Pistol

The Club now owns:

  • 13 air-rifles (.177)
  • 3 air-pistols (.177)
  • 2 rifles (.22LR)

About Us - Membership

Membership of UCD Rifle Club is available to those who furfill any one of the following conditions: (Criteria specificed by the AUC of UCD - NO EXCEPTIONS)

Please be advised that membership or office in a University club is only open to:

  1. Students who are registered and in attendance at courses for degrees or diplomas
  2. Recent graduates of the University as approved by the Athletic Union Council
  3. Students recommended by the Athletic Union Council, who though not registered in a particular session, are continuing a course of study for a degree or diploma
  4. Staff members of the University.

In order to verify the status of those attending your club training sessions all those in attendance should have one of the following forms of identification:

  • UCD Student Card
  • UCD Alumni Card
  • UCD Staff Card
  • Sports Centre Coaching Card

If you do furfill at least one of the above and wish to join, please sign up during fresher's week, or subsequent to that call down to the range where you can fill out a membership form or get in contact with us.

Membership Fee's 2015/2016

  • Student - €15
  • Post-graduate - €15
  • Alumni & Staff - €25

About Us - Contact Details

UCD Rifle Club
Students Consultative Forum,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4