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29 March 2014

UCD April Air Open 2014

UCD Rifle Club is pleased to announce that we will hold the UCD April Air Open 2014, on Thursday 3rd and Sunday 6th April 2014 at UCD Rifle Club Range, UCD, Belfield.

This is an open competition for 10 metre Air Rifle and Air Pistol.


  • Air Rifle 60 shot
  • Air Rifle 40 shot
  • Air Pistol 60 shot

Class prizes will also be awarded (based on the first 40 competition shots).

Entry fee: €15 (€10 students/juniors/seniors)

Pre-booking is essential.

All entries and enquiries should be directed to

Please note that this competition will be under the new ISSF timings (ISSF Rules and Regulations 2013 Edition Section 7.9).

15 minute combined sighting and preparation time.

Followed by:

50 minutes match time (40 shot competition)
75 minutes match time (60 shot competition)

No sighting shots can be taken during match time.

The list of details is as follows:

UCD April Air Open 2014

Thursday 3rd April 2014

  • 18:15
  • 20:00

Sunday, 6th April 2014

  • 10:30
  • 12:30
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09 March 2014

UCD Win the Intervarsities and Colours 2014

UCD claimed victory at the 2014 Air Rifle Intervarsities and Colours, which took place at Wilkinstown Target Shooting Club, Co Meath on Saturday 8th March. This marks a continuation of a very strong decade for UCD, making it the fourth Invervarsity title in the last five years.

The competition, which was held over six two hour details, ran from 10:00 Saturday morning to after 22:00 on Saturday night. Each college had two squads take part, a novice squad and a senior squad, with the winer of the competition determined by the combined score of the two squads.

Shooters from both UCDRC and DURC (Trinity) had been delivering strong results all season and the expectation was for a very tight competition, which added to the nerves thoughout the competition.

Both the UCD Senior and Novice Squads did very well all though the day, with very impressive performances and many personal bests achieved Scores from DURC were also very strong, with the competition not decided until the last detail.

After the last shot was taken and the final scores tallied up, UCD were the victors by 101 points, taking home the Invervarsities Cup, Intervarsities Novice shield and Colours Shield, while DURC won the Intervarsities Senior Shield by a very slim margin of 12 points. In the individual competitions UCD's Minne Chen won the top Novice Shooter Award and DURC's Stephen Murphy the top Senior Shooter Award.

UCDRC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the shooters who took part this weekend for their achievements and the range officers and coaches from both clubs for their time and dedication in training and coaching all shooters to such a high level throughout the year.
A special word of thanks also goes to Wilkinstown Target Shooting Club and Geoff Cooney for hosting the competition once again in the WTSC range

UCD Squad Score DURC Squad Score
1st detail Mairead Lancaster N 519 Siobhan Scarlett S 513
Jianning Xu N 544 Raphael Cuadros N 500
Evan Boyd S 528
2nd detail Joe Thomson S 557 Michael Cullinan S 563
Naomi McDonnell N 441 Heather McLouchlin S 525
Stephen Murphy S 567
3rd detail Tim Kennedy N 469 Aisling Miller S 562
Penny Skanavi S 546 Sarah McEllisterm N 498
Minne Chen N 555
4th detail Valesca Lima N 515 Louis Vallet N 535
Cillian O'Sullivan S 536 Suzy Farrell N 521
Ralitsa Marinkova N 516
5th detail Nicolas Nalpas S 551 Dan Roache N 506
Roman Printsev N 507 Bryan Lee N 486
Wai Hoe Loe N 527
6th detail Vicky Ivanova N 493
Hugh Weldon N 490
Darren Rice N 509
Keith Flanagan S 510
Will Abbott S 515













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