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29 May 2009

UCD Summer Air League

UCDRC will be running a Summer Air League (SAL) for the summer and autumn of 2009.

It will be a seven match hybrid competition between Sunday 7th of June and Sunday 27th of September 2009.

This works out as a gap of three weeks between the first five matches and a gap of two weeks between the last three. The full list of dates is shown below.

In order to facilitate as many people as possible, the SAL is to be run as a hybrid postal competition. This will enable those who are unable to attend individual SAL matches to submit postal results. In this hybrid scheme we will require that at least three of the seven matches are shot in the UCD Range over the four month period, while the remainder can be submitted by post. All matches to be shot to ISSF rules.

Results will be based onto aggregate score of all seven matches with prizes given for at least first place in each class, with second and third place prizes awarded depending on numbers in each class.

A fee of €80 for Adults and €60 for students for the total SAL.

Dates :


scheduled for Sunday 7 June 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 28 June 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 19 July 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 9 August 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 30 August 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 13 September 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range


scheduled for Sunday 27 September 2009
Location: UCD Rifle Range
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25 May 2009

UCD Sports Awards 2009

Congratulations to UCD shooters Emma Lyons, John Lancaster, Jonathan Redmond, Carin Stritch and Kunjan Patel who received UCD Sports awards at the UCD Athletic Union Council Sports Awards 2009.

John Lancaster was also named the "Gerry Horkan Club Administrator of the Year".

For more information on the awards see here

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