Secondary School Students visit the new UCD O'Brien Centre for Science


Posted 17 October 2013

Maths Week Ireland 2013

Almost 400 students attended talks during Maths Week Ireland 2013 by Professor Peter Lynch from the UCD School of Mathematical Sciences. Professor Lynch gave a talk entitled "Beautiful, Useful and Fun: That’s Maths."

Professor Lynch spoke of the role Maths plays in everyday life and explained that "Maths is everywhere. Computers, communications and the internet work on mathematical principles.”

"The Facebook network is a huge graph and maths can help us to understand it. Smart phones, iPods and SatNavs depend on the application of maths" said Professor Lynch.

"Maths now reaches into every corner of our lives. There is no doubt that maths is enormously useful. In this talk I hoped to show that it is also beautiful, and can be great fun."

 Professor Peter Lynch speaking to students in the UCD Centre for Science during Maths Week Ireland 2013‌Posted

UCD Plant Biology Workshop

21 secondary school students from 10 schools in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Louth and Derry took part in a one day UCD Plant Biology Workshop on 16 October 2013 under the guidance of Dr Paul McCabe from the UCD School of Biology & Environmental Science.

"The research and teaching activity of plant biologists at UCD embraces everything from biotechnology, through whole organism biology to ecology, evolution and environment. This breadth of expertise was on display to visiting secondary school students at the recent Plant Biology Workshop" said Dr McCabe.

"Students visited the new state-of-the-art plant growth room facilities along with the biotechnology laboratories at UCD Science Centre and saw first hand some of the world-class research that is currently being carried out by undergraduate and postgraduate students at UCD."

Looking at a detailed view of the model species arabidopis under light microscope as part of the UCD School of Biology & Environmental Science Plant Biology Workshop.