UCD Science Summer School 6 June 2012


‌‌‌‌Posted 27 July 2017

Fifth Year secondary school students from over 60 schools nationwide took part in a one day UCD Science Summer School programme on 6 June 2012. Each student completed two practicals and attended two mini lectures on the day.

Geology Lecture

Professor John Walsh from the UCD School of Geological Sciences giving a talk entitled "Geological Sciences: unearthing our past and future."

Biological, Environmental Science and Cell and Molecular Biology practicals

These practials entailed measuring how hot plants are with Dr Carl Ng, visualizing trafficking of toxins in human cells with Professor Jeremy Simpson, examining how native insects are used to control exotic plants with Dr Jan Baars and learning how forensic science and behavioural studies can uncover the secret lives of wild animals with Dr Emma Teeling.

Biomedical and Biomolecular Science Practicals

The practicals involved identifying microorganisms which cause disease, visualising DNA, measuring glucose and protein levels and measuing the speed of nerve cells.

Physics Practicals

Students completed a variety of short physics experiments and problems based on spectroscopy, nuclear, bio, particle and astrophysics. The latter task was based on planet transits, such as the rare astronomical event on the night of the 5th-6th June 2012: a transit of the planet Venus. 

Chemistry Practical - Harvesting Solar Energy using Tasty Fruit

In the recently opened new laboratories in the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, students used the latest TiO2 technology to build their own solar cell units using dyes contained in mashed coloured fruit and measure the amount of energy captured. Students with the highest energy output received prizes by Dr Andrew Phillips

Maths Lecture

Dr Andrew Parnell from the UCD School of Mathematical Sciences delivered a talk entitled "Climate change and curing cancer: how mathematics solves everything".




The UCD Science Summer School was organised by the Science Programme Office, College of Science Office and the Science Promotion Committe. Sincere thanks to all the staff below:

  • UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science - Dr Carl Ng, Dr Jennifer McElwain, Professor Jeremy Simpson, Dr Emma Teeling, Dr Jan-Robert Baars.
  • UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science - Dr Tadhg Ó Cróinín, Dr John O Connor, Dr Heather Wood, Ms Elizabeth Tennyson, Mr John Kelly, Mr John Flynn, Ms Joanna Connellan, Ms Roisin O Connor, Mr Manushak Hovsepyn, Ms Claire Kilty, Mr Charles Metais, Ms Claire Shortt and Mr Eoin Scanlan. 
  • UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology - Dr Andrew Phillips, Mr John Creevery, Mr Partick Waldron, Dr Andrew Rous, Mr Brendan Lyons, Mr Craig Connolly, Mr Declan Armstrong
  • UCD School of Geological Sciences - Professor John Walsh and Dr Patrick Orr
  • UCD School of Mathematical Sciences - Dr Andrew Parnell
  • UCD School of Physics - Dr Sheila McBreen, Gerard Fitzpatrick, Dr Vladimir Lobaskin, Dr Ronan McNulty,Mr Philip Ilten, Dr Luis Leon, Mr Dave Byrne, Oisin Maguire, Dr Tom McCormack, Dr Antonio Martin-Carrillo, Professor Lorraine Hanlon, Mr Thomas O'Reilly, Ms Bairbre Fox, Professor Padraig Dunne
  • UCD College of Science Office - Carole Doyle and Andrew Fleming
  • UCD Science Programme Office - Dr Orla Donoghue, Shelly Power
  • Student Leaders - Mr Alex Cronin, Mr Brian Fitzpatrick, MsLauren Shinkwin, Ms Jenny O'Dwyer, Mr Brian Caffrey, Mr Kevin Maguire, Mr Malachi Gillick-Healy
  • UCD Student Recruitment - Ms Kathy Murphy, Ms Anne-Marie Harvey, Mr Mark Monaghan, Mr Colm Walsh and Student Ambassadors
  • UCD Conway Institute staff - Mr Melvin Fleming, Mr Michael O'Sullivan, Ms Siobhain O'Brien