Changes to Registration


Throughout your programme there may be changes to your registration which you need to apply for; many of which are discussed below:

Application to change between Full-Time and Part-Time Study

Students may apply to change their mode of study from full-time to part-time or vice versa. The student should discuss this with their Supervisor and DSP and if agreed the student will apply to the School Office for a change of Registration. This will be reviewed by the School Graduate Committee and the Graduate School Board. The School will inform the student if this application has been approved. This change in registration status will not be back-dated. Common reasons for this change would be: employment, family or health reasons.

Application for a Leave of Absence

Students may need to apply for a Leave of Absence for a number of reasons such as employment, family reasons. Please note that Leave of Absence must be by semester. Please see the Leave of Absence (add hyperlink) webpage for information on how to apply.

Application to Withdraw from your Programme

Students may withdraw from their programme for a number of reasons. Before withdrawing, please speak with your Supervisor and DSP. Please see the Withdrawing from a Programme (add hyperlink) page for more information.

Application for Registration Extension

There are two types of extension:

1. Permission to Continue

Students who are entering Year 5 FT or Year 7 PT PhD or Year 3 FT or year 5 PT for Masters by Research students must apply for a Permission to Continue in the programme. There are no extenuating circumstances with this extension. These are for a period of semester(s) and fees are payable. The student must apply for this at their School Office.

2. Extenuating Circumstances

These requests are for a specific period (does not need to be semester length) where the student was unable to attend the programme due to extenuating circumstances and no fees are paid. Supporting documentation must be provided. Common examples of this are medical issues or bereavement. Before applying for an extension please first discuss the matter with your supervisor(s). After discussions with your Supervisor(s), the student must apply for an extension in advance of the thesis submission deadline at the School Office and it must be approved by the relevant School and Graduate School Board. A student is not normally liable for fees. There will be no additional stipend for this period.

See the Academic Secretariat webpage for further information on Extenuating Circumstances.