Frequently Asked Questions for Current Taught Co-Ordinators


FAQs for Current Taught Co-Ordinators

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UCD recognises that in order for a student to successfully complete a programme of study they may need to take a leave of absence from the programme. A Leave of Absence is an approved extended period of time away from the programme e.g. Leave of Absence should be taking for period of semester (s). No work on the programme can be done during this period.  For more information on the UCD Leave of Absence policy, please see

 If you are in agreement with the student applying for a LOA, please advise the student to see

The student will be unable to apply online if the Leave of Absence is retrospective, the paper form must be completed and returned to the School Office

UCD recognises that for a variety of reasons a student may need to withdraw from their programme and the university. Before the student makes their final decision, please ensure they discuss this with the you (programme co-ordinator), a student adviser and the School office to investigate if there is any means that the student can continue in the programme.

 If you have spoken to the student and approve the student withdrawing please advise the student to see

The student will be unable to withdraw online if withdrawal is retrospective, the paper form  must be completed and returned to the School Office

There are two different changes to programmes:

 1.Changes to be approved by Graduate School Board (on occasion UPB)

For below changes, the PDARF7 needs to be completed , approved at School level and forwarded to the Graduate School (by School administrator) for review and approval 

  • Change in title to programme, major or minor
  • Change in total overall credits for programme, major or stage
  • Change in total elective credits (undergraduate only)
  • Change to progression requirements or transfer arrangements
  • Change to calculation of Honours for degree award
  • Change to entry and/or admission requirements (including Garda Vetting, Health Screening, Fitness to Practise)
  • Modularisation of existing programme / stage of a programme
  • Newly created stage(s) of a programme
  • Development of an exit/entry programme for an existing approved programme (ex. GradDip to/from existing Masters)
  • Change in governance of programme (between Programme Boards or Graduate School Boards)
  • Change to programme level
  • Discontinuation of programme, major or minor
  • Introduction of inter-institutional exchange or collaboration into existing programme
  • Introduction of alternative delivery of programme (e.g. online delivery of programme)

 2.Changes that can be approved and implemented at School level through Curriculum Management System

For below changes, the School approves and makes changes on system however it is requested that Schools forwarded the new structures to the Graduate School for noting.

  • Editing modules
  • Adding/removing modules
  • Changing core/optional modules
  • Creating new modules
  • Reviewing, Reactivating and Inactivating modules
  • Assigning and Changing Module Coordinator
  • Changing Semester/Capacities
  • Changing Credits or Level of a Module
  • Changing the Title of a Module