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Academic Internships

An Academic Internship offers a company or sector organisation an ecxellent opportunity to:
      • Make initial contact with UCD Science
      • Tap into a pool of young talent with cutting edge know-how
      • Get to know UCD Science, its expertise and programmes
      • Get to know  individual UCD Science students
      • Get a defined piece of work undertaken, which might be of interest to the organisation
      • Expand relationships with UCD Science
An academic internship can take the form of:
      • Industry internship
      • Industry Research Project
It is a credit bearing internship module embedded in a specific UCD Science programme.  it provides students with an opportunity to:
      • Put theory into practice while working with a comany or organisation
      • Acquire new skills and knowledge – personal, professional and work-related
      • Explore specific roles and projects in their specialised area of interest and develop skills required in the work place
      • Enhance employment potential on graduation due to theri aquired industry experience
UCD Science offers seven academic internship programmes within specific masters courses and one formal undergraduate internship programme. The majority of internships, at graduate level, take place in semester three of the academic year, from May to August.  They are 12 to 15 weeks in duration. Assessment varies depending on the programme.  Internship modules generally bear 15 to 20 ECTS.  A high percentage of internships convert into graduate roles for our students.
For more information on UCD Science Internships contact:

Bespoke Taught Masters Programmes

UCD Science offers a range of Taught Masters courses via the ‘Negotiated Learning’ route.  This type of learning is highly flexible and offers many benefits to both individuals but also to companies.

A Taught Masters Programme by Negotiated Learning is an innovative programme which builds on established portfolios of UCD graduate taught courses but course choices are customised.

The recent economic climate has prompted many people to re-evaluate their career agenda and to look to re-positioning themselves in their professional environment. Here UCD Science’s range of taught masters programmes via negotiated learning offer a very flexible option which take account of previous education and future career aspirations.

Admission to the programme is based on a training needs assessment for each individual student, approval of prior/experiential learning, and the establishment of a negotiated learning contract between the UCD Science School providing an individual taught masters by negotiated learning (represented by the Programme Director) and the student.

Please see!w_gs_coursefinder.p_show for more details on UCD Science programmes available via the negotiated learning route.

Companies that want to link their skills requirements to tailored learning opportunities will find our negotiated learning masters highly relevant. E.g. for instance, the semiconductor processing industry is a global employer with a significant manufacturing and a growing research presence in Ireland, represented by companies such as Intel. Employment in this sector demands an advanced technical qualification based on a primary degree in the physical sciences or engineering. This is why our new MSc in Nanotechnology, provided by UCD Physics in association with Intel Ireland Ltd., will prepare graduates to work in this high-tech sector.

Download Our Material for Schools

It is important to UCD Science to connect university research and the passion for knowledge and discovery to secondary schools and students across the country. In association with secondary school teachers we have developed free material for transitions year students which can be used to undertake discoveries requiring only inexpensive, easily available materials. 


We have two programmes on offer aimed at TY students:


Find a Technology to License

Academics in UCD Science and other Colleges around UCD are active in the research and innovation space. If you would like to explore what UCD has on offer please visit for more detail:

Innovation Partnerships

The Innovation Partnership Programme can help organisations to take their business to the next level. This Enterprise Ireland funding scheme can help companies to access the latest skills and expertise from UCD.  It can provide up to 80% of the cost of research work to develop new and improved products, processes or services, or generate new knowledge and know-how.  

Innovation Vouchers at UCD

UCD works with companies on short-term, quick-win projects through Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher programme. This funding programme offers small companies €5,000 to explore a business opportunity or problem with a knowledge provider such as UCD.


This is the perfect way to seed and build an R&D relationship with UCD with little or no risk.  Companies which have engaged in an innovation voucher project with UCD can go on to larger projects under schemes such as:



For more information on Innovation Vouchers please visit UCD Enterprise Gateway:

IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postgraduate)

The Enterprise Partnership Scheme is an innovative initiative whereby the Irish Research Council, in partnership with private enterprises and public bodies, awards co-funded postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships to the most promising researchers in Ireland.

For details on this scheme please visit: