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Safety Statements

Under current health and safety legislation (Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (No. 10 of 2005)) all employers are required to prepare a Safety Statement. The purpose of a Safety Statement is to outline how the health and safety of all persons in a workplace will be safeguarded.

Given the complex and varied nature of University operations, it is recommended that all Schools (and / or Colleges) and Units within the University prepare their own Local Area Safety Statements. These documents when read in conjunction with the UCD University Parent Safety Statement and any relevant risk assessments as listed within the Local Area Safety Statement indicate how the health and safety of staff, students and visitors to the designated area / facility will be managed.

All staff and postgraduate students must make themselves familiar with the contents of their Local Area Safety Statement and the relevant risk assessments as outlined therein and work in accordance with the provisions set down. Any person who has a difficulty with the contents of a Local Area Safety Statement or a risk assessment should contact the University SIRC Office.


UCD College & School Safety Statements

The SIRC Office have prepared Safety Statements for each College, which are available here. For School Safety Statements, please contact the School directly or their local safety representative. 

Local Area Safety Statements should be subjected to review on a regular basis and also when changes in work practices necessitate it.

All persons are strongly encouraged to develop local area safety plans and procedures to complement the contents of their relevant Local Area Safety Statement where they deem it necessary or useful to do so.


A useful guide to Risk Assessments and Safety Statements is available from the Health and Safety Authority website here.