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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Information

The university provides travel and personal accident insurance cover for all staff and postgraduate students who are travelling abroad on behalf of the University. It should be noted that travel insurance cannot be extended to travel solely within the island of Ireland unless an airline flight is involved as part of the journey. Insurance cover commences for the time of leaving home or normal place of work (whichever is left last) and continues until arrival back home or to the normal place of work or home (whichever is reached first).


Notification of Travel

There is no requirement to notify the university insurers about all travel. However, staff are required to contact the University SIRC Office to about the following types of travel as far in advance as possible in order to confirm insurance arrangements:

  • Travel to outside of the EU
  • Travel / stays abroad of longer than 12 weeks
  • Travel in the last trimester of pregnancy
  • Group travel / group fieldtrips
  • Travel to any area where there are Irish or UK government travel advisories in place
  • Travel involving any potential high risk fieldwork
  • Travel with a UCD vehicle


All persons planning to travel to outside the European Union should consult the Department of Foreign Affairs website and the British Foreign Office website to ensure that there are no recommended travel restrictions in place for their planned destinations. Travel to areas subject to official government travel advisories may void all insurance policies

All persons planning any work related travel are encouraged to notify travel dates, destination and reason for trip to the SIRC office at to obtain levels and extent of cover in place and the emergency contact information for medical emergencies when abroad


European Health Insurance Card
All persons who travel regularly within the EU or the EEA are encouraged to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This allows access to the public health systems of countries within
these areas and is free of charge

Further Details

All persons travelling on behalf of the University are advised to read the UCD Travel Insurance Guidelines and the UCD Travel Insurance Guide for Staff or the ‌UCD Travel Insurance Guide for Postgrads


Travel Advice / Updates