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Training Courses

The SIRC Office offers a range of training courses related to safety and health at work. An indicative list and scheduled upcoming courses are listed below.

Training provided in house by the SIRC Office will not incur a cost to the recipient and in most cases can be amended to suit your requirements. These include:


In the case where an external facilitator, or specialist training provider, is required this may incur costs to the recipient. Courses include:


Upcoming Training Courses:

Course Title 






Fire Safety/ Fire Extinguisher Training  29th June 2018 11am - 12.30pm Health Sciences Building SIRC Office Apply Here
Radiation Safety Training 22nd June 9.30am - 3.20pm Science Centre North (Physics) Assoc Professor Luis Leon Vintro Apply Here



Training Course Expression of Interest Form: 

Course Title


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Biological Safety  1.5 hrs Sign Up
Chemical Safety 1.5 hrs Sign Up
Cryogenic (Liquid Nitrogen) Safety 1 hr Sign Up
Fieldwork Safety 1.5 hrs Sign Up
Fire Extinguisher Training  2 hrs Sign Up
Heartsaver (AED/CPR) Training 4 hrs Sign Up
Radiation Safety Full Day Sign Up
Risk Assessment 1 hr Sign Up
Nano Materials Safety 1 hr Sign Up
Manual Handling 3 hrs Sign Up
 3 Day PHECC First Aid Response  3 Days Sign Up


In addition to the list above, courses can be tailored to suit a particular groups needs and further training courses can be designed or sourced as required. Requests should be made to the local Safety Advisory Committee or Head of School / Unit in the first instance, who will then contact our office.

Individual courses are run based upon sufficient demand. For further details on any course please contact the SIRC Office at