The School offers two Chinese Studies elective modules.

The following modules are for you if you are a stage 2, 3, or 4 student from any discipline and are interested in:

engaging with different cultures;

examining the interaction between them; or

understanding China and its place in the world

Encountering China examines the history of European encounters with China, from the Silk Road to the present day. It is an epic story, marked at times by war, greed, and suspicion, but also by curiosity, friendship, compassion, and openness to new forms of learning. Topics covered include: the travels of Marco Polo; the Opium Wars; the Chinese diaspora in Europe; the sharing of ideas such as Christianity, Confucianism and Marxism; and economic and cultural encounters in the 21st century.

EU-China Relations investigates contemporary relations between the EU and China. Both are economic powerhouses and indispensable trading partners; yet both are wracked by economic problems, security challenges, concerns about political legitimacy, and the temptations of populist nationalism. The module will cover China's economic and strategic relations with the EU, as well as grassroots interaction such as migration. We will also assess the impact of Brexit, and whether it is good or bad news for China.

No prior knowledge of China is assumed – although it will help!

Please note that neither of these modules cover Chinese language. If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese language, do take a look at the modules offered by the Confucius Institute.

If you want to explore cultural interaction in a wider context, you may be interested in the elective module Politics, Culture and Religion.

Phil Entwistle
(Lecturer in Chinese Studies)