Austria: tradition and change

13th November from 14.30-16.30 in A318

The room was packed with students who had come to learn more about Austria’s history and culture. We started the event with a historical review of the Austro-Hungarian Empire up to recent political developments and the role of the ÖAD (Austrian Academic Exchange Service) within today’s context. It was a delight to have hosted the Austrian Ambassador, Dr. Helmut Freudenschuss who talked with the students about Irish-Austrian relations, encouraging many students and guests to participate in a vivid discussion. The talk was followed by an introduction of the Irish-Austrian society by Ulrike Schöller. After having had some time to browse through the newly arrived books about Austrian Culture and Literature, we finished off with a Quiz. The first prize was a cookbook with recipes of traditional Austrian cuisine. All in all, a very informative and charming event everyone seemed to have enjoyed.