Cambridge Undergraduate Conference in German Studies

‌‌We would like to congratulate Seán O Keeffe and Juliet McFadden on their successful attendance at the recent Cambridge Undergraduate Conference in German Studies which took place on Saturday, 10th February 2018.

[...] the conference was really rewarding! 

I'd say what struck me the most was the diversity of approaches and subject matters that I learned about on the day. I think it's a strength of German Studies (or any language really) that within that umbrella you get literature, history, sociology, philosophy, politics etc. so you have the opportunity to learn and write about a really wide breadth of topics. I heard talks touching on Martin Luther and the West German drag scene in the same day, which is a pretty exceptional range of subject matter.

I was able to meet a number of under- and postgraduates who not only talked about their own work, but were able to give me feedback and recommendations for my own research project here in Dublin, which was very valuable. That was the nice part about doing my presentation on hip-hop, lots of people have at least one German rapper or musician that they've heard of and enjoy, so I got to take down the names of half a dozen or so new artists for me to listen to and maybe even involve in my project. Seeing other people's approaches and strategies with regard to research also gave me some good ideas. Overall I'm thrilled to have gone.

Seán O Keeffe - MA Modern Languages, Major in German & Spanish

You can find more information on the conference here.