UCD Career Mentoring Programme

Are you starting to think about what you might do after your degree? Maybe you already have a clear idea or maybe you are not so sure. To help you define, or refine, your approach to your future, UCD has developed a Career Mentoring Programme, managed by the UCD Career Development Centre and UCD Alumni Relations. 

The aim of the Career Mentoring Programme is to match second year students with a mentor – a working professional, who is a UCD graduate of the same subject, and can assist the student in their personal, professional and career development. Some of these mentors have ended up working in the same field as their original degree, while others have used the transferable skills taught as the basis for success in other fields.

The programme runs from January to December 2018 and will incorporate at least three scheduled face-to-face meetings between mentor and student as well as ongoing informal contact via phone/e-mail etc..

The benefits for student mentees are many and include:

  • Gaining valuable insights into a sector/industry of interest
  • Improving your CV and your interview techniques
  • Understanding and developing the essential skills that employers look for
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Receiving encouragement, support and advice (if sought)
  • Helping to clarify next steps in your chosen career path

Here is a sample of the feedback from previous participants on the programme:

What has been your experience of the pilot mentoring programme?

  • Great!
  • Very informative
  • A great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed 
  • I felt the mentor was like another valuable ‘informal’ contact in the professional world

How do you feel you have developed over the programme? What have you learned?

  • Increased clarity on steps to get to career goals (e.g. applying for a master’s programme or a relevant competition or volunteer work)
  • Gained an insight into the career area I want to go into
  • Sense of ‘I can do it’ – feel more confident and supported
  • Greater impetus to more actively consider my career and the steps to take towards it

Places on the programme are limited. To participate you need to complete a short online application form.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 31st October. You will find out if your application has been successful early December and the programme will commence with an opening event in January 2018.

Students who participate in the Career Mentoring Programme can use the experience as part of their application for the UCD Advantage Award. UCD Advantage is a co-curricular skills award that recognises the value to the individual, university and the wider community of co-curricular engagement, and acknowledges the personal development that our students gain through co-curricular activity. You can find more information on the UCD Advantage Award here: http://www.ucd.ie/careers/awards/

If you have any questions in relation to the programme please contact: slcl@ucd.ie