Italian Studies Curriculum and General Information 2017-18

Entry Level

It is possible, in fact normal, to take up the study of Italian at university without previous knowledge of the language. The module ITAL10020 in the first semester is therefore designed for absolute beginners. A separate module, ITAL10090, caters for non-beginners in the same semester. The two streams are merged from semester 2.

Progression from Stage One to Stage Two (BA)

In the course of BA Stage One (First Year), students must accumulate 60 credits overall in order to progress to BA Stage Two. Within this broad requirement, subjects set their own progression requirements.

To pursue Italian at Stage Two as a joint major, students must meet two requirements:

(1) having passed ITAL10030 (Italian language I b, semester 2), AND

(2) having passed at least one more Italian module, for a total of at least 10 credits in Italian at Stage One. This means having passed either the semester 1 language module (ITAL10020, Italian language I a), or the semester 2 ‘culture’ module (ITAL10080, Making Italy), or both.

Different requirements apply to other programmes, like BComm International.

Italian Modules and Module Coordinators by Stage and Semester - undergraduate

Stage One (First Year)

Semester One

ITAL10020 Italian language I a (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

ITAL10090 Italian language I a non-beginners (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

Semester Two

ITAL10030 Italian language I b (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

ITAL10080 Making Italy (Dr Ursula Fanning)

Stage Two (Second Year)

Semester One

ITAL20200 Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio (Dr Francesco Lucioli)

ITAL20160 Reading Italian literature (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

Semester Two

ITAL20170 Italian Short stories (Dr Ursula Fanning)

Stage Three (Final Year)

Semester One

ITAL30070 Italian language III a (Dr Francesco Lucioli)

ITAL30110 Italian Women Writers (Dr Ursula Fanning)

Semester Two

ITAL30080 Italian language III b (Dr Ursula Fanning)

ITAL30200 The story of Italian 2 (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

ITAL30260 Renaissance Italy (Dr Francesco Lucioli)


Italian Modules and Module Coordinators by Stage and Semester - MA

Semester One

ITAL40070 Pirandello: Theatre and theory (Dr Ursula Fanning)

ITAL40120 Advanced Italian language (Dr Ursula Fanning)

Semester Two

ITAL40110 Italian linguistics (Dr Paolo Acquaviva)

ITAL40330 Chivalric poetry (Dr Francesco Lucioli)

SLL40320 Avant-Gardes: Europe & Beyond (Dr Tara Plunkett)

Modules and preparatory reading list

Italian 17/18 modules & preparatory reading listPDF|