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UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Scoil na dTeangacha, na gCultúr agus na Teangeolaíochta UCD


The UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics is involved in a range of postgraduate, academic and international conferences.

Upcoming Conferences for Academic Year


Belonging: Cultural Topographies of Identity

University College Dublin
8-9th June 2012

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Academic Year 2010/2011
2nd- 3rd October 2010

 Identities and Histories in and around South Tyrol / Alto Adige

Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin



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Conferences held in Academic Year 2009/2010

22nd - 24th October 2009

 Re-Imagining the Nation
International Conference

University College Dublin

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Conferences held in Academic Year 2008/2009

   18th- 20th June 2009

Focus on Futurism

International Interdisciplinary Conference

  University College Dublin



24th and 25th June 2009, Dublin
Interdisciplinary conference on Eduard Hanslick


22 - 24 October 2009

Re-Imaging the Nation? Transformations of German Cultural Identity since 1989



11 - 13 February 2009

40 yrs of German Modal Particle Research



3-4 October 2008

Imagining Space: Negotiating Cross Discipline Terrains



11 September2008

'Power and Perspective', Society for Seventeenth-Century French Studies International Conference

Newman House, 86 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

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Organisers: Dr Derval Conroy (UCD) & Prof Jane Conroy (NUI Galway)


27 June 2008

Teaching the Early Modern Period

International Conference, Newman House,
University College Dublin




7 - 8 March 2008

International Conference
Association of Latin Americanists in Ireland
Symbols and Images of Latin America

University College Dublin


27 – 29 March 2008

International Conference
Translation in Second Language Teaching and Learning

National University of Ireland, Maynooth
University College Dublin

While translation exercises in recent decades have been increasingly disregarded as unsuitable devices to facilitate and enhance foreign language learning, the concept of translation has, at the same time, entered the discourses of cultural and social studies, thus expanding the traditional linguistic concept of translation to social and cultural contexts. These developments had repercussions for the notion and status of translation in the foreign language classroom since the new approaches focus not so much on translation as linguistic-textual products but rather on the dynamic processes involved and on the socio-cultural contexts of concepts.

For foreign language teaching/learning methodology there are undoubtedly a number of elements in the emerging enhanced status of translation which merit a more thorough consideration; some of them are of a more practical nature (e.g. the comparatively stress-free confrontation with the written text as opposed to classroom communication) but some are of more fundamental, even philosophical character (e.g. the question of semiotic mediation, cultural re-contextualisation, conceptual appropriation, metaphorical competence and conceptual fluency).
Furthermore there is the vitally important issue of encountering the voice of the ‘other’ and his/her ‘otherness’ through original texts in a natural habitat, which, for a number of reasons, cannot be adequately reproduced in didactically structured textbooks.

We would like to invite papers on these and related issues which could focus on

• the potential for a re-evaluation of translation exercises in foreign language methodology and classroom practice
• the role of translation in the area of facilitating intercultural awareness and intercultural competence
• the procedural character of translation as a means of appropriation of concepts
• the potential of translation for stimulating a heightened awareness of differences of linguistic perspectives in general
• the potential of translation for motivation
• translation and the construction of identity in the process of learning a foreign language
• limitations of translating culture-specific concepts, values, practices and norms
• the relevance of translation for constructing hybrid intercultural spaces

Please send an abstract of max. 200 words
Deadline: Friday, 16th November 2006


Dr. Arnd Witte
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of German
NUI Maynooth

Alessandra Oliveira M.A.
UCD, Dublin

Prof. Dr Theo Harden
UCD, Dublin

14 - 15 December 2007

Migrancy at Work: Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics

International Conference at HII, University College Dublin

11 - 13 October 2007

Defining Space Conference

Newman House and the National Gallery of Ireland


21 - 22 September 2007

Guillevic Centenary Conference
Guillevic : la poésie à la lumière du quotidien
Guillevic : Poetry in the Light of the Everyday


5th - 7th July 2007

International Goldoni Conference

This is to celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of the Italian Dramatist Carlo Goldoni.

Goldoni, the most important and influential playwright in the eighteenth century wrote more than 150 comedies in Italian, Venetian, and in two instances French.  In addition he provided some 50 ‘libretti’ and shorter ‘intermezzi’ that were set to music by such composers as Paisiello, Galuppi, Piccini, Cimarosa, and Hayden.  Known as the Italian Molière, like his French predecessor he derived his prime inspiration from the ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, the improvised Italian theatre of the Masks.  As the reformer of this theatrical genre he provided Italy with a comic literary tradition that achieved European fame.

Goldoni took up residence in Paris in 1762.  He was first affiliated to the Théatre Italien, but later withdrew to Versailles where he became tutor to, first the daughter of Louis XV, and later to the sisters of Louis XVI.  Goldoni died penniless in Paris in 1793 at the height of the French Revolution.