The Equality Studies Centre Outreach Programme

The Equality Studies Centre Outreach Programme has been offering a range of capacity building courses and supports to community groups, local development and statutory groups since 1994. Courses and supports provided include:

  •     Certificate in Equality Studies (part-time, level 7)
  •     Continuing Professional Development courses
  •     Short equality courses and workshop

For further information on any aspect of the Equality Studies Outreach Programme, please contact:
Dr Phyllis Murphy
Outreach Co-ordinator
UCD Equality Studies Centre
University College Dublin
Dublin 4           
Phone: + 353 1 716 7683

Certificate in Equality Studies
The Outreach Programme has collaborated widely in the design and delivery of Certificate courses in Equality Studies with a range of community. local development and statutory partners  including those working with older people (Age and Opportunity and HSE), people with disabilities (Out and About in Armagh, National Development & Training Institute), community activists with no formal educational qualifications (Southside, Finglas Cabra & Tallaght Local Area Partnerships & community groups including KLEAR in Killbarack), Traveller community (Pavee Point and Southside Development Group). We are currently delivering a course to deaf students in partnership with the Irish Deaf Society. The Certificate is now recognised as a Level 7 qualification in the National Framework of Qualifications and is eligible for acceptance as Accredited Prior Learning by UCD and other third level institutions. If your organisation is interested in developing a Certificate programme with us, please contact us for further information.

Professional Development Courses
A key area of the Outreach Programme’s collaborative work is the design and delivery of a professional development course for access officers working in Higher Education institutions in Ireland. This course has been designed with AMA the network of HE access officers with support from HEA. It was delivered for the first time in 2008/09 specifically for AMA members but subsequent courses are also being made available to others working in the area of educational disadvantage and access to higher education (for details see link). The course leads to a Certificate in Professional Education (CPE) at Level 9 of the National Framework of Qualifications. The Centre has also developed a Level 8 CPE that can be flexibly adapted to a number of different equality-related areas. If your organisation is interested in developing a CPE programme with us, please contact us for further information.

Short equality courses and workshops
These have been tailor-made to suit the training needs of a wide range of organisations and have ranged from half day training workshops to regular workshops over a number of weeks.  

Current Programme delivery 2012 - 2013
Certificate in Equality Studies for deaf students in partnership with Irish Deaf Society. This course commenced in February 2011 and will be completed in December 2013.
Certificate in Equality Studies modules for volunteer advocates for older people in care in partnership with HSE and Third Age. Recruitment for this course is through HSE.
Continuing Professional Development course, Equality and Diversity in Higher Education – planning is currently underway for the 2013 course and details will be available later in the summer.