Undergraduate Programmes:

The School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice contributes to a variety of undergraduate programmes including the innovative BCL in Law and Social Justice and several tracks of the Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci) as well as offering students taking 15 credits or more of elective modules in the area of Social Justice the opportunity to have this recognized on their transcript by means of the Structured Electives in Social Justice. Please see below for more details on our offerings:

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f you are interested in a people-focused career, the new Social Science degree prepares you for a range of exciting career opportunities and postgraduate pathways.
In a time of rapid change the Social Science degree (BSocSc) offers you the opportunity to explore and understand the society in which you live. In the Social Science degree you will examine the complexities of social life and see how individuals and groups live and work together. You will also explore how best to respond to individual needs and to the particular requirements of marginalised members of society. The first year (Stage 1) of the degree offers you a choice from a range of subjects in the Social Sciences with Core modules in Sociology and Social Policy. Click here to find out more and select the tab for "Social Sciences".

The Bachelor of Social Science at University College Dublin has recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary as the premier Bachelors degree of its kind in Ireland. It has a long established reputation for teaching excellence and a proven track record of students gaining employment on completion of the programme.  It is aimed at students who wish to explore and understand the societies in which they live and the design, implementation and impact of policies and social services. You will be supported and encouraged in developing reflective, analytic and employment-oriented skills. You will work individually and with your peers to learn how to evaluate evidence and identify solutions to key social challenges, nationally and internationally.   You will be taught by academic experts who will, through a mixture of lectures and small group teaching, support you in choosing the modules that best suit your interests and develop your career needs. Find out more here.

The subject of Social Justice draws on a range of academic disciplines in order to advance understanding of issues such as inequality, discrimination and human rights abuses. It will appeal to those who would like to acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and challenge injustice and help bring about social change. Find out more about the BSc Social Science Social Justice joint major, including what subjects you can study as the other part of your joint major here.

This pathway to the award of the University College Dublin NFQ Level 8 BSocSc degree is only available to students who have completed the University Certificate in Community Drugs and Alcohol Support. This is a unique progression pathway designed to offer students who may have found difficulty accessing higher education through traditional routes the opportunity to complete a Bachelors degree with considerable cachet amongst potential employers, both in Ireland and internationally. The Social Policy major component of this pathway also fulfils one of the important criteria for entry into the MSocSc Social Work. Students enter directly into Stage 2 of the BSocSc programme and, if all modules are passed, complete it in 2 years. Find out more about the pathway here.


The BCL with Social Justice programme, the first of its kind in Ireland, combines the study of Law with the study of social exclusion, its causes and remedies. It will appeal to students who are interested in issues of equality, diversity and disadvantage, and who want to look in-depth at the social context in which law operates. On completion, you’ll be uniquely equipped to offer a critical perspective on issues such as the adequacy of our criminal justice system, the legal treatment of women and minority groups, and the underlying causes of social and economic injustice. Find out more here.

If you are interested in gaining understanding of the various forms of inequality affecting people in Ireland and globally and in acquiring the knowledge and skills to help bring about social change you will want to undertake at least one elective module in Social Justice during your time in UCD. Our interdisciplinary modules will provide you with the theoretical and conceptual tools to explain and challenge inequality and injustice. Find out more here.

Find out more about studying abroad as part of your UCD Bachelors programme here.