What do our graduates say about our programmes?

Natasha Cooke - BCL Law with Social Justice

As a prospective graduate of the very first Law with Social Justice class I can say honestly, that choosing to study under the BCL Law with Social Justice combination has been an enjoyable, interesting and rewarding experience. The degree program is unique in allowing study of modules from both the Law School together with modules from the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice leading to a degree with a major in Law and a minor Social Justice. The course combination offers interaction with two contrasting social dynamics and allows you to develop critical thinking skills studying law subjects such as Contract Law, Sports Law, Property Law and many more while broadening your knowledge of global human rights and equality issues. The degree combination allowed me to maintain control over the subjects that I studied and opened doors to a range of career prospects and international study opportunities.

Adriana Orellana - MSc Equality Studies, Bolivia

The best part of the MSc. in Equality Studies was feeling part of a community of like-minded and inspiring people working towards achieving equality around the world.  Being surrounded by committed professors and students, made me feel empowered to continue my own struggles and empathize with other causes.


On a personal level, the program enhanced my critical thinking skills and opened my mind to the complexity of structural global inequalities. On a professional level, Equality Studies gave me the theoretical and practical tools to continue my career in International Development and Emancipatory Research. 


Sam Prost - MSc Equality Studies, USA

The Equality Studies program has provided me with context for a wide range of issues concerning Global inequality, including taxation, economics and human rights legislation. The program is unique in its interdisciplinary approach to understanding inequality: students are allowed to explore the issues that they are most passionate about, while also learning from experts about issues pertaining to inequality that they may have never considered before. Living in Ireland for the duration of the program was truly one of the best experiences of my life. From the passing of gay marriage by popular vote in 2015, to the even more recent calls for the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the Irish constitution, Ireland has taken on a pivotal new role in the Global fight for equality, making it an incredibly exciting place to study these ideas. The skills I attained throughout the program will undoubtedly remain with me in all of my future career endeavors. 


 Nadine ShinkwinMSc Equality Studies, Ireland

My return to education began with a BSocSc followed directly by an MSc in Equality Studies, part-time.  My aim was to acquire knowledge and understanding of the foundations, diversity and pervasiveness of inequality in society at home and globally.  Through a series of targeted modules that intersected across a diverse range of disciplines we learned how to identify, understand and challenge how society in general accepts the unacceptable and how power and powerlessness disrupts the balance of human existence.

We experienced and benefited from well thought out lectures, readings, assignments and in-class debates with an international group of students, which empowered us to question inequality and advance social change in our respective communities.

By combining these new learned skills with a background in project management, I have the confidence to work in the field of equality and social justice development.