Recent PhDs awarded in the School of Sociology

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000


Calvo Martin, Mayte 2017
Structures of Prejudice: the Journey of Antigypsyism in Ireland
Superviors:  Professors Andreas Hess, Dr Dian Payne and Bettina Migge (linguistics)

Carol, Ellis 2017
A Sociological Exploration of Systemic Lupus Erythermatosus in Ireland
Supervior:  Dr Paul Stokes

Darcy, Clay 2017
Here are the Drug Takers: Men, Masculinities and Illicit Recreational Drug Use
Supervior:  Dr Sara O' Sullivan

Oskar, Milik 2017
Protecting Face in Virtual Life: Identity and Interaction Online Digital Games
Supervior:  Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Ozgecan, Kesici 2017
Attaining Modernity through Nationalism: The Kazakh Alash Orda Movement
Supervior:  Professor Sinisa Malesevic

Posocco, Lorenzo 2017
Exhibiting the Nation. Museums, Power, and National Mythology in Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) rule
Supervior:  Dr Iarfhlaith Watson


Gornicka, Barbara 2016
Nadedness & Embarrassment: a long-term perspective on nudity, naturism and attitudes towards the naked body
Supervior:  Professor Tom Inglis

McInerney, David 2016
Evaluating the role of the Ethnic Liaison Officer in Irish Policing
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Moss, Brain 2016
Denial, Condemnation and Fear: the police complaints process in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Xiong, Hang 2016
Peer Effects in the Diffusion of High-Value Crops on Social Networks: a Social Simulation Study
Supervisor: Dr Diane Payne



Kalaitzake, Manolis, 2015
Reform or Status Quo? Financial political power in the context of crisis
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Llano-Arias, Valeria 2015
Comunication practices and citizens'participation in the colombian Water Movement
Supervisors: Dr Iarfhlaith and Michael Punch 

Myers, Kevin 2015
Beyond the Cloud:Changes in the Understanding of Death, Dying and Bereavement in Contemporary Ireland
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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Agripinus Senga, Mathew 2014
Social Networks and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management and Protection of Livelihood: Reflections from Rural Communities in East Usambara Mountains Tanzania
Supervisor: Dr Diane Payne

Moore, Gemma 2014
Cultural Barriers and Contested Discourses: The Case of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

O'Donnell, Shane 2014
Conception of Inequalities in Type 2 Diabetes Outcomes: Individual or Social Responsibility?
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Okigbo, Emmanuel 2014
Africans in Ireland and the New Political Activism
Supervisor: Dr Iarfhlaith Watson



Slevin, Amanda 2013
Hegemony and Hydrocarbons: Irish Policies, Gas and Oil
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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Basquel-Fahy, Mary 2012
Workplace Bullying, Emotions and Organisational Change in Irish Hospitals
Supervisor: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

Courtois, Aline 2012
Educating Elites: Privilege, Power and Excellence in Ireland's Top Fee-Paying Schools
Supervisor: Dr Kieran Allen

Donnelly, Susie 2012
The Media and the Catholic Church in Ireland: Clerical Sex Scandals and Shifts in the Balance of Power
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

Feeney, Maria 2012
Pain and Distress in Rural Ireland: The Narratives of Men who Engaged in Suicidal Behaviour
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

Kearney, Brian 2012
Adoption in Sociological Context: A Comparative Analysis of Britain, Ireland and the United States
Supervisors: Dr Anne Cleary and Dr Andreas Hess

McDaid, Sophie 2012
Practices of Embodied Appearance in Young Irish Women
Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary

O'Brien Olinger, Sam 2012
Policing and Ethnicity in the 'New Ireland': An Ethnographic Study
Supervior: Dr Aogán Mulcahy

O'Neill, Catherine 2012
Ethical Decision-Making in the Care of Older People: an Ethnography of Treatment Decisions in Irish Hospitals
Supervisor: Professor Robert van Krieken

Pembroke, Sinead 2012
Irish Hidden History: The Social and Personal Consequences of Catholic Industrial Schools
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

Solan-Schuppers, Nanette 2012
Migrant Integration in a Comparative Perspective
Supervisor: Dr Steve Loyal

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Frese, Carmen 2011
From Dracula's Land to Bram Stoker's Country: Romanians' Journey of Civic Mobilisation in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman

Ikeotuonye, Festus 2011
Confluent Spheres Adrift: Unthinking the Geopolitics of Migration and Social Transformation in a "Modern/Colonial" World
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman 

Kelly, Tina 2011
Sociology in Ireland: A Historical-Sociological Account
Supervisor: Dr Andreas Hess 

Stewart, Sandra 2011
Blood Stocks: Managing the Donor and Managing Supply
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

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Fallon, Ciaran 2010
Swimming Upstream: Knowledge, power and sustainability in Modern Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Michael Punch

Hilliard, Betty 2010
Micro-process of social change: aspects of family life in late 20th century Ireland
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy

Mutwarasibo, Fidele 2010
Ethnopolitical Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Isolation and Exclusion through Creative Resistance in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman

Nithitham, Diane 2010
Navigating the Bordes: Filipina Migration into Ireland and the Borderland Existence
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman


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Ejorh , Theophilus 2009
From Homeland to Hostland: The African Community in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman
Associate Supervisor: Dr Ronnie Moore

Farrell, Clare 2009
Life Chances, Life Choices: Lay accounts of health and health inequalities
Supervisor: Dr Sara O’Sullivan
Associate Supervisor: Dr Ronnie Moore

Howlett, Etaoine 2009
Communication Breakdown: The experiences of hearing parents of deaf children in Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Máire Nic Giolla Phádraig

McMahon, Léan 2009
Why Volunteer: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Civic Engagement in the Republic of Ireland
Supervisors: Dr Andreas Hess and Dr Diane Payne

Rock, Bernadette 2009
Parenting Identities and Practices of Non-Custodial Fathers in Ireland
Supervisors: Dr Sara O’Sullivan and Betty Hilliard

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Andersen, Karen 2007
The Secularisation Debate in Western Society: Ireland as a Unique Case
Supervisors: Professor Tom Inglis and Dr Diane Payne

Bates, Catherine 2007
Consumption at Contemporary Irish Weddings.
Supervisor: Dr Mary Kelly

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Cleary, Anne 2006
Vulnerable Masculinity: Suicidal Behaviour Amongst Young Men.
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

Humphries, Niamh 2006
''I'm More at Home In This House.' The Importance of Housing and Place in the Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Dublin. 
Supervisor: Dr Alice Feldman
Associate Supervisor: Dr Mary Gilmartin

Whitaker, Teresa 2006
What can the Study of Wills tell us about the Irish Family. 
Supervisor: Professor Patrick Clancy
Associate Supervisor: Dr Steve Loyal

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Healy, Thomas 2005
In Each Others Shadows: Providing for the Future Well-being of Families and Communities in Ireland. 
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell/Professor Colm Harmon

Hord-O'Down, Amie 2005
A Comparative Study of Italy and Ireland: the Correlation Between Education and Emigration.
Supervisor : Dr Steve Loyal
Associate Supervisor : Dr Iarflaith Watson

Liston, Katie 2005
Playing the Masculine/Feminine Game: So he plays harder and she plays softer.
Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell
Associate Supervisor: Professor Eric Dunning

Ryan, Paul 2005
Strangers in Their Own Land: The Everyday Lives of Gay Men and Irish Society 1970-80.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor : Dr Kieran Allen

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Brennan, Edward 2004
A Socio-Historical Examination of RTE Television.
Supervisor : Professor Tom Inglis

Fitzpatrick, Marjorie 2004
Music and Civilising Processes, with special reference to the development of the Oratorio.
Supervisor : Professor Stephen Mennell

Gallagher, Ellen 2004
Irish Humour and Social Change.
Supervisor : Professor Stephen Mennell

Grummell, Bernie 2004
Learning from television: the audience and educational television.
Supervisor : Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor : Dr Mary Kelly

Smith, Ciaran, 2004
The Social Construction of Madness.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis
Associate Supervisor: Professor Stephen Mennell

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O'Keeffe, Margaret 2003
The acquisition and accumulation of technological capital in the home.
Supervisor: Professor Tom Inglis

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Condon, Gráinne, 2002
The Glass Ceiling and Bank Management:an analysis of comparative promotion and managerial styles of men and women.
Supervisor: Dr Paul Stokes

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Bissett, John 2001
Waiting for the Great Leap Forward: An Ethnography of the Educational Process in a Working-Class Dublin School.
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy.

Ó Laighin, Pádraig 2001
Social Structure and Systems of Dispositions in the Generation of Youth and Adult Crime.
Supervisor: Professor Pat Clancy.

O'Sullivan, Sara 2001
Understanding Irish Talk Radio: A Case Study of a Tabloid Talk Radio Show.
Supervisor: Dr. Mary Kelly.

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Howley, Derval 2000

An Outstretched Hand: A Sociological Insight into Street Begging in Dublin City.
Supervisor: Professor Eric Dunning and Mr Desmond McCluskey.

Watson, Iarfhlaith 2000
A Paradoxical Endeavour: How Efficacious Citizenship Must Undermine Itself in the Absence of a Democratic Public Sphere.
Supervisor: Dr. Máire Nic Ghiolla Phádraig

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