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Professor Tom Inglis M Soc.Sc, PhD


Tom Inglis (2012) Making Love: A Memoir. Dublin: New Island. [Details]
Inglis, T (2008) Global Ireland: Same Difference. New York: Routledge. [Details]
Inglis, T (2003) Truth, Power and Lies: Irish Society and The Case of the Kerry Babies. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. [Details]
Inglis, T (1998) Moral Monopoly: The Rise and Fall of the Catholic Church in Modern Ireland. 2nd ed. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. [Details]
Inglis, T (1998) Lessons in Irish Sexuality. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. [Details]
Inglis, T (1987) Moral Monopoly: Catholic Church in Modern Irish Society. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. [Details]

Book Chapters:

Tom Inglis (2009) 'The Global is Personal' In: Cultural Perspectives on Globalisation and Ireland. Oxford: Peter Lang. [Details]
Tom Inglis (2008) 'The Neary Case' In: Mary Corcoran and Perry Share (eds). Belongings: Shaping Identity in Modern Ireland. Dublin: IPA. [Details]
Inglis, T. (2007) 'The Religious Field in Contemporary Ireland' In: L. Harte and Y. Whelan (eds). Ireland Beyond Boundaries: Mapping Irish Studies in the Twenty-First Century. London: Pluto Press. [Details]
Ton Inglis (2007) 'Individualisation and Secularisation in Catholic Ireland' In: Contemporary Ireland: A Sociological Map. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. [Details]
Inglis, T. (2006) 'Club Anabel' In: Uncertain Ireland: A Sociological Chronicle, 2003¿2004. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration. [Details]
Inglis, T (2005) 'Religion, identity, state and society' In: Cleary, J. & Connolly, C (eds). The Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Details]

Books Edited:

Tom Inglis, Zdislaw Mach and Rafel Mazanek (Ed.). (2000) Religion and Politics: East-West Contrasts from Contemporary Europe. Dublin: University College Dublin Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Tom Inglis (2011) 'The Global and the Local: Mapping Changes in Irish Childhood'. Eire-Ireland, 46 (3&4):63-83. [Details]
Tom Inglis, Susie Donnelly (2011) 'Local and national belonging in a globalised world'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 19 (2):126-142. [Details]
Donnelly, Susie & Inglis, Tom (2010) 'The Media and the Catholic Church in Ireland: Reporting Clerical Child Sex Abuse'. Journal of Contemporary Religion, . [Details]
Tom Inglis (2010) 'Sociological Forensics: Illuminating the Whole from the Particular'. Sociology, 44 (3):507-522. [Details]
Tom Inglis (2009) 'Power, Pleasure and Comunity in a Learning Society'. The Adult Learner, :111-125. [Details]
Inglis, T. (2007) 'Catholic Identity in Contemporary Ireland: Belief and Belonging to Tradition'. Journal of Contemporary Religion, 22 (2):205-220. [Details]

Conference Publications:

Donnelly, S. and Inglis, T. (2008) The Media and Secularisation in Ireland: Reporting Clerical Child Sexual Abuse Sociology Association Ireland (SAI) 35th Annual Conference [Details]

Published Reports:

Tom Inglis (1999) 1999 No Room For Adults? A Study of Mature Students in University College Dublin. Adult Education Office, Dublin. [Details]

Book Reviews

Tom Inglis (2009) Getting and Spending: Culture and Value in Global Ireland. Dublin: Book Reviews [Details]
Tom Inglis (2007) Letting in the Light: Media and Culture in Ireland. Dublin: Book Reviews [Details]

Newspaper Articles

Tom Inglis (2009) Sins of the Fathers. Dublin: Newspaper Articles [Details]
Tom Inglis (2009) GAA has tapped into sport as substitute for religion. Dublin: Newspaper Articles [Details]
Tom Inglis (2009) Wearing a grief pin would signify the enormity of bereavement. Dublin: Newspaper Articles [Details]
Tom Inglis (2009) How we became an international disgrace. Dublin: Newspaper Articles [Details]


Inglis, T (1998) A critical realist approach to emancipation: A response to Mezirow. Editorial [Details]


Tom Inglis (2010) Book Review: Leanne McCormick's Regulating Sexuality. Abstract [Details]

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