Appeals & Grade Checking

The School employs an informal grade checking process to students who may be dissatisfied with their provisional exam result, or who suspect that an incorrect grade has been awarded. In these circumstances, students should complete the School's Application for Grade Review form available here. This form allows students to submit a query with the school in relation to the technical accuracy of the grade. Students may also wish to view their examination script and if so, the School Office will contact the student with a proposed date and time for this viewing.

Students should note that this is not requesting a reassessment of the awarded grade but a technical check only that the grade awarded by the examiner was the one entered into the grade system. Students who have received the results of the technical check and who are still dissatisfied may proceed to make a formal appeal.

Further information and applications forms to request an appeal are available to download from this site or from the UCD Assessment Appeals Office.



Assessment Appeals Office
Room B105B, 
Newman Building
Tel: 01 716 8546